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Top Ten Reasons Why Men Buy Women Flowers


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Firstly, men, but not all men would send flowers, when they are trying to woo you, to sweeten you up, to make you believe they are a thoughtful kinda guy.

That Is the ones that know what will Impress women, what women would not love recieving flowers! The more public the better, usually even better when delivered to the workplace.

Secondly has to be Valentines day!

Every women expects flowers on this day and even for the most thoughtless male, It would be hard to forget flowers on this day.

As most of the men around them would be at the florist on this day. Not to say that the man won't do this simply because they truly love the woman they are sending them to.

Thirdly has to be the Wedding Anniversary.

Most I am sure would send them to their wife's on this day or bring them home with them from work !, Lets face It they cant go wrong with this gift can they.

Fourth has to be a Birthday, Its a easy gift for most.

In Fifth place comes Guilt.

I have given this fifth place but It came second In a recent poll In a leading Womens magazine, Top Ten Reasons Why Men Buy Women Flowers. By guilt It Is usually a peace offering their way of saying sorry.

Sixth place Is a more serious reason when they are having a affair!

They become riddled by guilt when sending flowers to the other women whom they are having the affair with send their wife them also, this somehow eases their conscience.

Seventh on the list has to be Sickness usually when they visit the hospital. Most men are not great with these situations and flowers say It all.

Eighth In line although a bit morbid but nevertheless a reason has to be Death of someone.

Number Nine, could be that he Is Indeed one of those rare genuine men you just don't get many of,

The ones who just love the women. they have no agenda and love to please the women they love, but let me stress this Is a very rare specimen, so If you have one make sure you keep him.

My number Ten Is simply they just haven't got a clue what to buy for a women and flowers seem the easy way out, or Is this the real reason men buy women flowers !

. Most women will always become suspicious If their man comes home with Flowers for them If Its not their Birthday, Anniversary or Valentines day. . . We will always think maybe to ourselves why? What has he to feel guilty about what has he done, as we smile and let him know how much will love the gesture of the gift, but there Is Indeed always a reason behind why a man buys flowers for a women, wether this be simply because they love them? Im sure many do.


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