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Does your love life need a quick boost? Feng shui can produce results that will tickle you pink! And, pink is a color to use if romance is your goal.

Start with your “romance corner. " In Black Hat Sect (BHS) Feng Shui, that's the far right corner of your home, as you walk in the main door. (Remember, you can apply feng shui to your entire home, or just one room if you prefer. )

In Intuitive Feng Shui, it's your bedroom; Compass School enthusiasts will focus on the southwest corner of the room or home.

First, get the clutter out of that area: Nothing under the bed, no overfull trash containers, no musty ashtrays, and no dead plants. Nothing that reminds you of a failed relationship, either. If you have clothing or books strewn around the room, pick them up. It's a good idea to vacuum every inch of the floor; after all, you're making a fresh start, right? Be sure to get rid of dust and cobwebs on the walls and ceiling, too.

If the room at the back right corner of your home is a bathroom, this symbolizes romance going down the drain. Be certain to keep the toilet lid down when it's not in use. Some people go to the extreme of putting stoppers in sink drains, but that can seem a bit weird; stick with what looks good, and you can't go wrong.

Now, look at the colors in that area. For romance, you'll use pink, white, and red. Try not to use any one color so much that it's overpowering. And, if you're a guy and you're wincing over the idea of frilly pink decor, it doesn't have to be a feminine pink. In fact, you can use mostly maroon and white, and touches of a very gray-ish pink as accents. (If you went to Harvard, you can use your school colors. )

Finally, it's time to add some finishing touches. The first rule about the romance corner is: Nothing all by itself. Like Noah's Ark, everything should be in twos. If you have one of something-like a romantic red candle-make sure to display a second one.

Flowers are also a great choice, but be sure that they're kept fresh. That's a second rule in this area (and throughout your home): Nothing dead. No dried flowers; if you won't remember to throw the flowers out when they wilt, get silk ones instead.

If you're going to display roses, whether they're plastic or real, be sure that they don't have thorns. Everything in the romance corner should feel nice to touch. Of course, cactus plants don't belong here, unless your immediate goal is to break up with someone.

As a final touch, you can display images that relate to your ideal mate or partner. Or, put up some pictures that look romantic to you.

Now, light a couple of candles for a soft glow. Put on some music that makes you smile and think of being in love. Admire what you've accomplished with this area, and know that Mr. (or Ms. ) Right is probably coming into your life very soon. You've done all the right feng shui things to attract romance, and this corner of your home looks wonderful.

(c)2005, Aisling D'Art, Houston, Texas

Aisling D'Art has been practicing Feng Shui-using both Black Hat and Compass techniques-for over 15 years. For more information about Feng Shui and free Feng Shui tips, see her popular website, Shui to Go! (pronounced “Shway to go!").


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