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Relationship Compatibility


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You are into a relationship even before you know it. It could be love at first sight. It could be your frequency levels. Your likes and dislikes may be the same. Or there may be no reasons at all! Getting into a relationship is very easy, but what is important is how long they last. Rather, how long you make them last.

Opposites Attract. Yes, but this may not always hold true. There are extraordinary cases where such relations last though. But on a more practical sense, the attraction between opposites lasts only for a short term. As they say, love is blind. When you are attracted to someone, you do not even bother to understand the person's nature. You occasionally glide in the world of dreams. Your mind is focused on pleasing your partner. Only when your relationship progresses further and you face realities of life, do you realize the bitter truth - you are actually not made for each other!

The secret to a long lasting relationship is compatibility. You are compatible with each other when you connect on three levels - social, spiritual, and physical. Relationship is nothing but a connection or bond formed between people. Compatibility also relates to similarity in temperament. In a nutshell, relationship compatibility is nothing but a strong positive connection that holds two people together.

Let us look into the factors that bind people and keep relationships intact.

How many of us believe in the truth that “Marriage is not just the union of two souls, but also the union of two families"? Social compatibility comes into picture here, where individuals strive towards building a happy family. Marriage is just an example; the point of concern is how well you accept your partner's folks and customs. Your family upbringing and background triggers off your future behavioral patterns. If you stem from a strongly bound happy family, you end up being a happy soul. Relationship building comes naturally to such people. Unfortunately, for those hailing from a broken family, things are not so easy. Such individuals tend to get anti-social and bonding ultimately weakens when they end up taking additional responsibilities.

Are you spiritually inclined? If no, do you respect your partner's spiritual requirements? If your answer to this is yes, then you are spiritually compatible. It is not mandatory for both the individuals in a relationship to be spiritual. All you need is to cooperate and respect your spouse's decisions. In cases where both partners gel well on a spiritual level, life is a smooth sail.

The physical connection arises when two people are *** or physically attracted to each other. This is a very strong factor that attributes to a healthy relationship. There has to be a certain amount of chemistry between partners to maintain the freshness and keep the relationships long lasting.

To sum it up, life is all about compromises. Compromises make life much simpler, but only when there are majority of similarities between two individuals. A mutual understanding, common values, and similar interests add to the longevity of a relationship. There are many tools and questionnaires available to test your compatibility level. Answer a few simple questions and learn where you stand. It is never too late; you can always have new beginnings.

Ian Pennington is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about relationship compatibility , please visit Ending a Bad Relationship Today for current articles and discussions.


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