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Ladies Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You? Watch For These 3 Signs!


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OK, you have broken up with your ex whether he was your boyfriend, your husband or lover. Things have been a little shaky, you have had problems moving on or you just do not want to give up on the relationship.

You know that you still love your ex but you are wondering does your ex still have feelings for you. You want him back but you do not know if he also wants to get back together with you.

You may think men are hard to read when it comes to their feelings and emotions. Yes, we try to keep our emotions in check, but we tend to revert to child-like ways of showing we have feelings for the opposite sex. This is also true in the case we still have feelings for our ex love.

5 Signs-Does Your Ex Still Have Feeling For You?

1. Your Ex is Showing Off in Front of You.

No, he may not be doing cartwheels like a child in front of you.

What he will do though is brag about something is he doing or something that makes him look good. He wants your admiration, he wants the same feelings you showed him in the beginning of your relationship. That is a very important sign that he still have feelings for you.

2. Is There a Spark in His Eyes?

Did you notice a “spark" in his eyes when you both started dating?

The next time you talk to your ex face to face, look at his eyes. Do you see the same spark, do you notice his eyes are following you around, is his eyes “smiling"?

It is amazing what a man eyes will tell you when he does not know you are observing them.

The eyes are a “peephole" into a man feelings.

3. Does He Show Up “Accidentally" Where You Are?

If you looking for an obvious sign does your ex still have feelings for you, then this is it.

He is showing up at your regular “hang-outs" because he still has feelings for you and wants to rekindle the relationship. Your regular “hang-outs" could be anywhere that he knows you will be such as the grocery store, mall, park, etc.

The big question is not “does your ex still have feelings for you", but do you want to get back with your ex. If that is the case, then you need a strategy or plan to get your ex back. It is possible to get back with your ex and be happy again!

Watch Free Videos Here on the first step of getting back with your ex. You may still be wondering Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You but you do know that you want to get back with your ex!


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