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How To Pick Up Women - Confessions Of A Professional Pick Up Artist


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I was a professional pick-up artist for twenty years and got women to spend their money on me, pay my rent and satisfy my every male need without lifting a finger.

Sounds like a bold claim and I don't really care if you believe me or not. I can only offer my advice on how you can get any woman you want and if you follow that advice all the way to the bank, well that is up to you my friend.

My very first experience with getting what I wanted from women came when I was only twenty one. I was in a bar and had about five bucks in my pocket.

Back then that bought about three beers and I needed more than that to muster up any semblance of courage to even talk to a woman, much less get her to go home with me.

I'm not the best looking guy in the world but everyone is attractive to someone and if you remember this, you can get what ever you want. I needed a beer so I decided to try a plan I'd been hatching for a while.

I picked out about the fattest, ugliest gal I could find and then made my way over to her. I passed by with just a hint of a smile on my lips and locked eyes for the briefest of moments.

I bought myself a beer and walked back by so she could see what I was drinking. Of course I had to nurse this beer because I was down to about $3.25 and was about to waste one of those dollars on a flower for my target.

Most bars have a girl that walks around with a basket of flowers that you can buy and send on over to whatever girl you have your eye on. This is pretty lame and you should never do this to try and get an attractive girl but it works wonders on the ugly ones.

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder and I'm simply using this term to separate the women I would have an interest in and the women I would have no interest in. Always remember to be respectful, regardless of what a woman looks like. This is an important lesson if for no other reason that the fact that most ugly women have a least one hot friend or have a nice bank account.

Anyway, I bought a rose for a buck and sent it to the girl. Obviously this happened very rarely for her so it did not appear as lame. A few minutes later she doubled my investment with an ice cold beer. Always position yourself near the target with a light to your back so she can see how full your beer bottle or glass is.

Another beer later and I had to approach her and talk for a while. Thankfully she did not like to dance and turned out to be a pretty interesting gal. A side benefit from this was the practice I needed to talk to a woman. I used this technique quite successfully over the next year and built up a lot of confidence in approaching women.

I raised the bar as I went and although none would have ever one any beauty pageants, the lessons learned far outweighed the efforts to ignore their appearance. Which, by the way, is what you must learn to do with hot women. . . ignore their appearance.

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