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All About Sexual Addiction

Francis K Githinji

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Sexual addiction as a problem affects a person to the negative. The repercussions of *** addiction are tremendous not only to the addict but also the community living around him. The addict by now has become a social outcast in his own community and leaves him isolated with deep feelings of anxiety and depression which drive him to the brink of committing suicide. A *** addict has a close relationship with despair, shame, hopelessness and low- self esteem. The implications of sex addiction are far reaching. They are not only emotional and psychological but also directly associated to the medical, legal and financial fields as well.

Sexual addiction has far reaching medical implications and consequences to the health of the addict. Actually it is the health of this person that is at a threshold. These is a medical case. If not taken care of early enough, the situation worsens for the addict as he puts his health at more higher risk like HIV and other *** transmitted diseases such as genital herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea. In his quest to satisfy his addiction, genital injury is added to the list as a result of unconventional *** behavior and activities. Use of sharp and crude objects for *** gratification and stimulation usually harms the genitalia by inflicting injury on the victim. It is not easy to note the injuries he is inflicting on himself especially during self stimulation when he buries himself to *** gratification.

The financial and legal implications of *** addiction are far reaching and you would not like to imagine them. An addiction is an expensive venture that can drive you to bankruptcy. It can lead to a job termination, being sued for *** misconduct plus legal fees emanating from *** abuse charges. Traveling for the soul purpose of sex can create enormous holes in your credit bills. Incarceration of a *** addict is normal due to his high-risk lifestyle full of illegal activities such as unwarranted touching, exhibitionism, voyeurism and soliciting for prostitutes.

There is no big problem in this world that is difficult to overcome. The first step to recovery is identifying there is a problem somewhere. It only requires the will and personal conviction to overcome such a challenge as tough as a *** addiction. Do not despair neither should you lose hope. It is not difficult to identify whether you are suffering from a *** addiction. A self examination and evaluation will reveal this especially if you decide to play honest with yourself. Anything that creates an irresistible trouble and get you keep going back to it time and again despite the problem is an addiction. You cannot resist the temptation, the pull is so strong. A *** life that consumes a lot of your time and energy and exhausts you to the bones. A *** behavior that makes you to feel guilty because your core moral values and beliefs that govern your heart have been compromised by no one else but you. When you are at such a state, be alarmed. There is a problem. Solicit for help through therapy or better still there is an opportunity of joining and becoming a member of a sex maniac anonymous group.

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