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Domestic Violence - Safeguard Your Heart From The Pain of Domestic Violence


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Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to protect yourself from Domestic Violence? Domestic Abuse happens to one of every three individuals world wide, so let me share some basic rules of self protection.

1. Avoid those who abuse alcohol, drugs, or other substances.

Those who use illegal substances, or even legalized substances in excess, often lack self control and self confidence. Their ability to maintain themselves in a crisis may be minimal. If you’re dating a person and realize this person abuses any substance, uses a substance to excess, or has difficulties dealing with life without a substance of some kind, exit the relationship immediately.

2. Avoid changing your lifestyle for a new relationship.

When you start a new relationship, there are often new requirements on your time, however, those should not exclude your own friends and family. If your new partner wishes for you to be exclusively available to him after work, you might want to consider if this is the person you want to look at every moment of your life. If not, find someone who acknowledges that they are not the only acorn on the planet and pursue your own interests.

3. Avoid people who make you feel bad about who you are.

If you have to defend yourself to a new friend, or an old one, it’s time to find a place to leave the friend. Perhaps you can drop them off at the nearest park bench or bus stop? You don’t have to rid yourself of personal identity and preferences to be part of a relationship. Be yourself. If the new partner doesn’t like you the way you are, offer them a helping hand to the exit. Second thought, just point them to the nearest exit.

4. Avoid having negative individuals in your life.

Those who constantly tell you why something can’t be done, or how you’re not the person who can accomplish a particular fate are not worth your time and effort. Dump them. Find more positive friends who make you laugh and encourage you to accomplish your goals. Do not allow another person, EVER, to bring you down and make you feel unworthy.

5. Avoid those who talk violence constantly.

People who discuss violent acts as if they are natural occurrences often can’t distinguish between right and wrong. They talk trash as if it is part of the natural way of life and can’t be stopped. Those types of personalities accept violent acts in their lives and commit violent acts without understanding the consequences of their actions.

Are you in a violent relationship?

There are solutions, and you do have choices. See to find out more about the options you may have available to you.

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Combating Domestic Violence With a Stun Gun
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