Did She Break Up With You Because She Is Used To You And How To Get Her Back

Teddy Shabba

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Sometimes a woman might breakup with you because she has simply gotten used to everything that you do for her.

In her own life she has become bored and is ready to leave all that behind (you) in the hopes of finding something better.

No, there is nothing you can do to change her mind as in her mind you are a representation of everything she does not want.

If you weren't that representation she would have made changes in other areas of her life and not in her relationship with you.

Any attempt you make at getting her back, in her eyes, will only be seen as a representation of everything she doesn't want wrapped up in a brand new box; and she already knows that she doesn't want it.

What you must do is move on and not allow her to be able to attach any of those negative thoughts to you.

In time, she might come to realize that what she thought wasn't right about the relationship had little or nothing to do with you or she might discover like so many others have that the grass isn't greener on the other side of the road.

Only then will you have a chance at getting her back into your life.

Of course, given that you too have already moved on but in a more constructive way with much better resources of support.

When she does come running back to you the wonderful place that you will find yourself at in life might not be a place that you want her in as well.

Even though knowing that you have choices in life which you always have had is a great place to be now.

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The Break Up Was Your Fault And Now You Want Your Ex Back
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