Choosing Your Wedding Photographers

Jhong Ren

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I think there is no escape from the chore of choosing a wedding photographer.

Before my wedding, I dreaded meeting new people. I can’t imagine talking and negotiating with new faces I have never met before and pretending to be friendly towards them.

In society, we wear different faces. You may be a loud person who needs to network with strangers due to your work nature. Maybe you are a Public Relation Officer. However, you may eb a quiet and reserved person when you are alone.

During my wedding preparation last year, I think I have broken my own record of times I negotiated. I had to talk to differen wedding service providers ranging from employers of bridal studios, banquet managers to photographers.

Personally, I think part of me also like to make new friends and thus, it is not 100% torturing.

When selecting a wedding photographer, it is important that you need to personally talk to the photographer.

Lately, I had this email from a bride who almost fainted when the photographer-cum-hubby’s friend over pormised and under delivered. Initially due to tight budget, this bride made do with a semi-professional photographer whom her hubby recommended.

Her hubby mentioned that he was really professional in taking photos. His wife got convinced although she was feeling really uncertain if she should spend money getting a 100% professional.

Her second email came after her solemnisation expressing her displeasure. She mentioned that this friend was stiff and couldn’t humor the guests to laugh. Plus, he was so busy eating that he didn’t have much time for photo-taking.

The bride felt very depressed as she was caught in the spot. Should she give the feedback to her husband? And again, this is her husband’s friend.

In fact, personally meeting up with the photographer was my wife’s brilliant idea. Despite her busy schedule at work, she made a point to meet up quite a number of photographers even though she really like their work.

There are times the opinions may change when the personality of the photographer turned out to be otherwise. She expected some to be jovial and excited about their work but some turned to be quite new in this line and were quiet during the meet-up.

Another good suggestion for wedding couples is that do cut out or print out those bridal photos you love and show to the photographers. Ask them if they can deliver this.

Most photographers will be honest enough to say “no” because it is not their photography style.

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