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The idea of men wearing waistcoats today seems rather non-existent – men do not tend to wear them unless they are attending a wedding or some sort of other similar formal occasion, or of course those unflattering, heavily patterned monstrosities that are often seen on BBC 2’s dull snooker players!

A male co-worker (and avid supporter of the waistcoat!) suggested I write about the topic which I did find slightly daunting but after his eagerness and assurance that they are ‘the way forward, ’ I started to believe that maybe a man may know something about men’s fashion that I perhaps had not considered!

It may well be true, waistcoats which were more commonly worn about fifty years ago may be making a comeback - after all, if men can wear a cardigan and make it look good, they should have no problems with a waistcoat! Again guys, we are not talking about your great granddad’s age old number in the attic, or the one you wore as best man last year (which still has the puke down the side that you maintain you can’t see) – so you will have to fork out for a brand spanking new one!

The most fashionable trends consist of wearing a plain coloured waistcoat in a casual way. Fashion designers this spring have featured the man waistcoat by layering more than one casually over each other but if this is too trendy for you men reading this, then a plain coloured waistcoat can be worn over a plain white t-shirt as seen at Krus Van Assche this Spring, which is just as sexy especially as it is so laid back and has a fit chest on show!

Another way is to dress up the waistcoat slightly, a look that I have noticed on celebrities more and more recently. Singer Lemar was seen wearing a waistcoat over a satin shirt during his performance at the BIC in Bournemouth (steer clear of the satin if you have a few rolls you want to remain hidden), whilst I noticed Vernon Kay and Jason Donovan on television, sporting similar looks. The best waistcoats can be found at a more cost effective price at, the black textured waistcoat is best for daytime looks.

One tip men, if you’re going to be wearing the waistcoat casually, DON’T DO IT UP, you’ll just end up looking like you dad!

For those of you who still want to ‘dress up’ your waistcoat whilst still looking modern, the look at Armani this spring was of wearing a tight-fitting waistcoat made from the same material as the shirt underneath. This not only means you have to have pecs of steel for that tight fitting waistcoat, but you have to be rich as well. So guys, you’d better get down the gym and tone up – whilst your at it phone, your tailor and let him know you’ll be needing a dozen shirts… and matching fitted waistcoats too of course!

Did you ever wonder why a lot of professional men leave the bottom button of a waistcoat undone? The custom of leaving the bottom button undone was adopted at the beginning of the twentieth century by imitators of the portly King Edward VII, whose tailors apparently could not keep up with his appetite. It is observed only in the single-breasted instance of the garment.

By Paul Bowers, I write for Mio Destino and for it's blog site MioBlog writing articles of interest to their international clients.

The company sells high end, designer lingerie, swimwear, corsets, pyjamas and mens underwear predominantly from Italy and France but also from the US, Canada and other parts od Europe.


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