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Benefits of Wedding Blogging

Jhong Ren

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Blogging has not been a waste of my time, especially wedding blogging or marriage blogging.

Wedding commercials and even insurance advertisements have blatantly advertised that life after wedding to be absolutely smooth sailing.

No quarrels, no conflict. Only bed of roses and kisses everyday.

Wedding blogging has been an increasing trend with more and more wedding blogs like mine sprinkling out of the blogosphere field everyday.

As for me, I feel blogging has allowed me to freely express myself, as long as it is ethical and moral in the law of blogosphere.

It has allowed me to share what works or what doesn’t works for me and my wife so that others can learn or even give feedbacks.

Recently I had a comment left in one of my posts, “Giving In to Each Other“.

It is from one of my readers, Emily and she commented “thanks for your blog on tihs topic. i will oso try to follow what you say to give in more to my boyfriend.because of i used to think that im not in wrong and shouldn’t give in to him …thanks!”

Words like these are good enough for my assurance and encouragement that my wedding blog has been beneficial to one, if not some.

I think in a marriage, outlets for destress are important for the couple. They need to find some way to let their negative energy out from somewhere else rather than at each other.

I know some of my colleagues shared with each other about their spouses. Other friends of mine share with their close friends. I even have a friend who do handicrafts so that she can focus on something positive rather than on all the 101 things her husband did wrong.

Similarly, wedding blogging has been my stress outlet source and a channel for my negative energy to dissipate through one blog to many zillions of readers’ minds.

So, having read this, would you want to consider blogging or just penning down your thoughts and feelings into a little notebook?

What I can suggest to you to do right now to express your negative emotion:

1. Find a piece of blank paper
2. Get a pen
3. Time yourself and give yourself 5 minutes
4. Let your hands and brain run wild
6. Don’t think; just write whatever you want
7. When time is up, stop and go for a short 2 minutes break
8. Read what you have written
9. Tear the piece of paper into a million pieces
10. Feel your negative energy losing from your body into these million pieces

Jhong Ren runs My Wedding Blog - an online wedding diary that gives more than just the usual tips and advice on a daily basis. Check out now and by all means leave us your comments, share some of your own wedding experiences and give us some suggestions for new resources we can recommend to our community.


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