Take What You Can Get...NOT!


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Be selective, and be real about it. In other words don't just be selective as a way of making yourself more attractive towards women, but to make life easier for yourself, and remove the anvil of neediness hanging over your head. This extends to saying no to women who you know you could have but may fall short in departments like personality, etc. Seriously, what have you got to lose? Evolution has made it easy for this stance as there are literally millions of potential prospects out there. So cash in on it.

My personal standards which a woman must have, in order to be viewed as a potential partner, for either short term or long term are: height & weight requirements, good personality - such as friendly and open-minded, feminine, doesn't try to drag things out unnecessarily, and doesn't hint at sex as a bargaining chip. Some of these criteria are communicated from her to me either by me asking a direct question, “How do you feel about X?", or just a vibe I learned to read with experience.

Note that in asking women questions to find out what they are about you will sometimes get them hemming and hawing as if trying to say the “right" thing, or even just asking the same question back at you. Don't back down, ask the question again if you have to. And if her answer is sort of ambiguous then it likely means she doesn't measure up in that regard.

Furthermore, if she is giving you the signs that she is interested in you but you find out that there is potential “baggage" or issues to deal with in the process of getting laid, then let her slide and move on. Believe me, there will come a time when you just know the sex will not be worth it.

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Take What You Can Get...NOT!
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