Cheap Honeymoon Ideas for Couples on a Wedding Budget


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As soon as you have a date for your wedding day its time to turn your attention to your honeymoon. Once the wedding ceremony and reception are over, you don't want to worry about money for the honeymoon. You don't have to over spend to have an unforgettable trip, its best to know your budget and try not to go over it.

A cheap honeymoon doesn’t have to mean you’ll be spending your time together in a seedy motel, in some no-name town, miles from civilization. Though you're saving money, you can still have a wonderful time. You’ll just need to use a little imagination and creativity.

Before you try to figure out how to save money on your honeymoon, know how much you have to spend. Whether you're surprised in a good way or in a not so good way, it's necessary to have an amount in mind in order to start pricing flights and lodgings. Here are a few tips to have a wonderful honeymoon on a budget.


Not every honeymoon involves a grand tour of Europe and lasts two weeks or more. You can pack a lot of lovin’ into a long weekend, especially if you don't travel far from home. Few things can be as romantic as a honeymoon on a cruise. Cruises are cost-efficient vacations, especially if you leave from your home port rather than flying to meet the ship. They're all inclusive for the most part and the shorter the cruise, the less you'll have to pay.


Camping has come a long way. Sure, you can still “rough it” if you’re so inclined. You can also rent a campsite or camping cabin and spend much less than you would for a hotel.

Appropriate Package

If your wedding ceremony is during the off season, the months between November and March, you might still be able to vacation in a romantic tropical paradise. Your travel agent can help you find inexpensive travel packages.

Home Swapping

Home exchanges allow for you to swap homes with someone in another state or country. Your accommodations are free; you only have to pay to get there and for your own food. It’s important to register with reputable home exchange networks, one that carefully screens its clients. You want to vacation with a clear head and not worry about who will be occupying your home.

Inexpensive Travel Agent

There's a lot of competition in the honeymoon travel industry, and you're the beneficiary. When you travel, you no longer have to pay top dollar for airlines or hotels. Discover which brands consistently offer the most value at the lowest price, and where you can get more for less.

Inclusive Honeymoon

You can have a cheap honeymoon and fly to an exotic destination if you go all inclusive. By planning an all-inclusive honeymoon, you’ll spend one price for air fare, room accommodations and some meals.

Minimum Transportation Expense

Transportation is often the biggest expense in a honeymoon. If you can minimize those costs you'll have more to spend on lodging, and perhaps afford to add another day or more to the honeymoon.

Finally, relax and enjoy your ceremony and wedding reception. Your wedding will be much less stressful if you know you haven't blown all your savings on the honeymoon!

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Simple Ideas For a Low Budget Wedding
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