Wedding Time Line Management


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When planning a wedding it is always best to take the time needed to do make sure that everything is in its own place and wedding friendly while the wedding is taking place. Therefore, it is best to keep a wedding notebook to help you stay organized while progressing with your wedding plans. With the help of your wedding notebook, you will be able to keep up with important issues that especially pertain to your exclusive wedding. Such as making and keeping appointments that, involve everything from making the announcement to arriving at the honeymoon destination.

Sticking to a set of personalized wedding time lines and checklist are one of the easiest ways to stay organized, and have aided many couples to be. Here are some traditionally simple guidelines to help you get started.

Twelve months before the wedding, the engagement announcement should be given, as well as setting the date of the wedding, then you should sit down together and create a budget for your wedding and then compile your list of wedding guests. It would be wise to invest some time in making a list of ideas that interest you when organizing your wedding, however you should keep the budget in mind, and be open to changes as needed to provide your day with the best quality of attitude as is affordable.

In this first twelve months, you will need to determine where, when and who should be involved with your wedding. You will need a location, someone to officiate, as well as cater foods for your wedding. You will also need to arrange for all the needs of bridal attire. As well, as attend to the music, floral and photo opportunities concerning your nuptials. You shall register for shower and wedding gifts. Selecting your wedding attendants is also a consideration to give others time to make their plans to suit your own. At this time, any issues of planning the honeymoon shall be attended.

Within six months of your wedding, you fill need to finalize your guest list while you decide on the time line and other details of the wedding ceremony and reception. All wedding stationary should be ordered now, as well as making traveling accommodations for the honeymoon. The wedding cake, florist and catering needs should be booked at this time and remember to make all transportation needs at this moment. This is also the time to shop around for any wedding party rentals.

Three to four months before you wedding day, you shall mail out all invitations while you confirm all details and contracts of any supplier of wedding services. Now is the time to pick out the wedding attendant gifts and set the time and date of your rehearsal dinner. Your wedding attire should be in the final stages of fittings and alterations as you make the travel arrangements for your out of town guests. This is also the excellent time for spending time with your photographer for engagement and bridal portraits.

As time is growing closer to the day of your wedding, the month before your wedding shall be spent choosing your wedding rings and applying for the license of marriage. You can make your insurance arrangements now as well as finalizing the entertainment issues and attending respective showers.

The second and first week before your wedding, the issues of rehearsals and hair appointments should be made. Placing the wedding announcement to the newspapers and attending to change of addresses as well as finalizing any details or sending reminders are best taken care of now. Any payments for wedding services rendered should be done at this time. Take time to pack for your honeymoon now, so you do not leave something behind.

The day before or of the wedding, all personal care issues of hair or nails are now taken care of as well as attending wedding rehearsals and dinner also check to see that your ushers have their copies of the final guest list and then relax, it will all be beautiful memories.

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wedding time line management

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