How The Eyes Of A Girl Made Me Fall In Love With Her


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One day I met a girl whose eyes emanated with a potent power that literally blew me away, I must say looking into the eyes of this girl was hypnotizing and I fell in love with her on the spot. The eyes of this girl were bursting with the richness of life and light only Gods spirit can bring into manifestation.

The girl that I fell in love with was a Christian girl who was a fully committed to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it was obvious there was something profoundly spiritual about her. When I looked into the eyes of this girl I went into a trance and felt my soul come out of my body and enter into her through her eyes, I was completely lost in her eyes.

I had never experienced anything like this before in my life, usually I was attracted and fell in love with a girl through a physical attraction but this was something different. I fell in love with the spirit of this girl and I had never experienced this before, her spirit literally leaped out of her and embraced me without her even realizing it. I was dumbfounded about this whole incident and I was literally left speechless when I met her. I have met many spiritual people in my time, Christians and non-Christians, but I have never experienced the profound spiritual encounter which this girl made me experience.

After I had this experience with this girl I could not stop thinking about her, she was continuously in my mind, I really wanted to let her know what a tremendous spiritual experience she gave me, and convey my feelings to her somehow. The spiritual experience I had with this girl encompassed my life for sometime after I met her, she was always on my mind, and when I got home after meeting her I wrote a poem about her. I decided I would share the poem with her the next time I saw her, however to my despair I found out she had gone overseas and I probably would never see her again. I was quiet distraught about this as I never got to share the poem with her, but I guess that’s the way life goes sometimes.

She was like a beautiful vapor that appeared for a moment and then vanished into the atmosphere. When I realized I would probably never see this girl again it really made my heart burn with sorrow, and I felt like Hamlet as I thought about his lines in the famous Shakespeare play when he said, “For who would bear the whips and scorns of time, The oppressors wrong, the proud mans contumely, The pangs of despised love, the laws delay. ” Oh yes, the pangs of a lost love certainly pierce your heart when love doesn’t work out they way you want it to. I had fallen in love with this girl and because she had gone away, I felt an empty feeling in my heart and the pangs of a lost love pierced my heart and caused it pain I hadn’t felt in a longtime.

After this happened I really felt a cut on my heart, to this day I still have that scar on my heart after that girl went away, and when I enter the Kingdom of Heaven that emotional scar on my chest will be seen by all. God allows us to receive emotional scars that embed themselves on our soul to show us we have a spirit body as well. When someone breaks your heart you feel a painful emotional scar on your chest, but when you open your shirt and look upon your bosom you cannot see a scar, but you know its there because can feel it. Just because you cannot see something doesn’t means its not there.

As Human beings with souls we often have many scars on our souls from past emotional hurts, often these emotional scars last longer than flesh scars, and sometimes they can even be more painful. The Bible tells us, “That which is seen is temporal, and that which is unseen is eternal. ” The emotional scars on our souls last for an eternity because our unseen souls are eternal, God allows us to get emotionally cut up to make us realize we are spiritual beings with another unseen body that is also sensitive in someway. The aches and scars our spirit’s collect over the years are just more evidence that we are more than a carnal body. The aches and scars on our spirit reveal to us we have another unseen body which hurts and feels, just as our carnal body hurts and feels.

Even though I will probably never see the girl again, one positive thing I got out of this incident was that when I had my heart broken after she left, I realized I had a soul and that I was special. I realized I had a spirit and that God created me in his image, the unseen painful scar left on my spirit would last for eternity, just like my spirit will last for eternity. The painful unseen scar on my heart made me look upon life in a spiritual perspective, I feel the incident helped me evolve into a more spiritual person, and I certainly look at everything in a spiritual sense now. “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal. ” (2 Corinthians 4:18)

I haven’t seen or heard from this girl for over a year now, I know she has gone overseas to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and I certainly wish her all the best for the future. I pray and hope she has a fruitful life and finds a good husband and has a family, and I also hope and pray her ministry as a disciple of Christ bears much fruit. Although it’s painful, difficult and uncomfortable when these incidents happen, I thank and praise God for this happening because it taught me a lot about life and about myself. Sometimes a sorrowful incident can mould you into the person God wants you to be, and it can make you stronger and wiser even though it does hurt. I only met this girl for about 30minutes, but she certainly revealed the love of God to me through her eyes in that short time.

After I met her I went home and I wrote a poem for her, but sadly I never got to give the poem to her. Maybe one day she will see this poem, but I’m hoping this poem will be recorded in Heaven and she can read it when she gets to heaven.

Her eyes were like diamonds reflecting a divine light; the spirit that animated her form was bursting with power, love and fire; she burnt like a radiating flame that overwhelmed me; her presence pierced my soul like a two edge sword; her lips spoke with wisdom from above.

Looking into her eyes, I could see she was filled with the Holy Spirit to overflowing, and the spirit spilled out of her eyes like fountains. As I looked at her she burnt like a roaring blaze; full of the Lords power and love.

I had seen a glimpse of the Holy Spirit in other people’s eyes before, but the power of the Holy Spirit in this girl’s eyes was like nothing I had ever seen; it was spectacular. I saw her as a beacon for the Lords spirit; he poured His spirit overwhelmingly into her, so it poured out onto others.

I could see the Holy Spirit pouring out of her eyes like a fountain; she was a spiritual water bearer who shared the Lords spirit with empty souls. She didn’t even have to make an effort to pour the spiritual water into my soul, the Holy Spirit poured out of her eyes like a fountain, and poured through my eyes and into my soul.

She was a spiritual being that glowed and radiated with the Lords light, like the brightest star in the night. Being in her presence was a spiritual journey that overwhelmed me; the visions and signs in her eyes made my heart burn; her eyes were windows into the spiritual realm; I saw a vision of fountains of spiritual water pouring out of her eyes that was spectacular; it was the crystal pure water of Gods spirit, pouring out of her eyes and into me.

James is a man after God's own heart and has been called to minister to the body of Christ in the office of prophet. The prophets calling is not an easy one, but James speaks with clarity and with much emotion driven by his supernatural understanding of the scriptures. He is spoon fed by the Holy Spirit each day and has a zeal for God that surpasses lukewarm Christians and he is dedicated to waking up the body of Christ as well as saving the lost. James is a street and internet preacher, and can often be seen preaching on a microphone on the streets of his local neighborhood, his writings also appear on many websites on the internet. James has also been a guest preacher and speaker at a number of churches, you can email him at:


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