Attracting Women Requires Much More Than Simply Gaining Rapport

Teddy Shabba

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I am good at creating rapport with women, finding which buttons to push and what makes them tick.

I'm a nerdy, intellectual and good looking guy; my game is getting inside a woman's head.

I am great at getting inside of a woman's head yet when it comes to creating *** attraction I find it to be very difficult. Whenever, I meet a woman, we sit, talk, have fun and I get them all excited and feeling really good about themselves.

Only never to hear from them again for a second date; what am I doing wrong?


It is great that you can make women feel comfortable around you.

It is not so great that after you get inside a woman's head you continue to poke around her comfort zone instead of moving over and creating *** attraction.

Knowing the right buttons to push and what makes a woman tick means nothing if you never move towards *** attraction.

I imagine the problem really is you don't want to risk the level of comfort that you have with her so instead of escalating you simply stroke more and more comfort spots in the hopes of her escalating herself.

In other words, you give her control and most women in control of a relationship with a man will not lead it to a *** state.

As for not hearing from them again, you either created so much comfort that she became bored with you because you lacked any *** attraction and/or you are waiting for her to make the next move instead of creating one yourself.

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The Secret Of Attracting Women
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