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Relationship Advice – Ten Tips To Get Your Marriage Back On Track


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You Won’t Always Be Right – It’s never easy to accept but there are occasions when we can get things wrong or make mistakes. Admitting mistakes to your partners will instantly reduce the number of arguments in your house. We can sometimes get defensive when often we should admit we were wrong.

Learn From Your Mistakes – it’s a cliché but everyone makes mistakes. How we respond, change and what we learn from the mistakes ultimately decides how well we get on in life. Think of the famous business people or sportsmen how have suffered set backs, that rarely stops them and neither should your life errors.

It’s Quality of Time Not Quantity – Everyone is busy, it’s a side effect of the way the world works. People often feel guilty about not spending time with their partner and believe that this causes the tension between them, I can promise you it’s the quality of time that’s important not the quantity. You can be the busiest person in the world but if you make every second count your partner will appreciate it.

Be Honest – lies can quickly spiral out of control. Even well intentioned lies can come back to haunt you so try to be honest all the time. Your partner knows you well enough to know when you are lie so avoid them guessing by trying to be honest every second of every day.

Surprises Can Be Good – relationships and marriages can often fall apart because one partner feels the relationship has gone stale. It isn’t difficult to freshen things up, just surprise them. Whether it’s an unexpected gift, you doing something out of the ordinary that they wouldn’t expect or just doing the washing up that you’d normally forget. Being spontaneous can lead to a happy marriage

Jealousy Isn’t Attractive – jealousy is a very difficult emotion to hide. In an ideal world we would never get jealous but often we do, however you shouldn’t let it ruin a relationship. Never let your jealousy stop your other half from doing something they want to do. They’ll begrudge you for it if your jealousy is a little on the irrational side.

Remember You Are Team – there are two people in a marriage and it’s a partnership that should work together. Try and do something together that relies on teamwork and promise to each other that you won’t argue and bicker. Enjoy the time together and the way each of you relies on each other, it can have a great impact on your day to day life.

Trust Them – an easy thing to say but a hard thing to do. You may have been hurt in the past but that doesn’t mean you will again in the future. You’ve made wedding vows and you should try and stick to them. Give your partner a chance and put your trust in them.

Listen to Them – we hear people all day long but it’s a lot less common we really listen to them. Pay attention to every word, make eye contact and be sure they are the only thing you are paying attention to. Everyone appreciates it when they are the sole focus of your attention.

Forgive – just because something may have gone wrong in the past doesn’t mean it will again in the future. If you can, try to forget past misdemeanours and think of the future, giving someone a second chance is often the greatest gift of all.

Chris Norton writes for Armchair Advice. Armchair Advice is a UK website providing specialist job loss and relationship advice . Whether you require emotional support, financial advice, employment law or divorce solicitors , you can find them all at Armchair Advice.

For more information please visit Armchair Advice .


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