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How To Have Super Sexy Body Language That Naturally Attracts Women

Derek Rake

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Most men have naturally bad body language that turns women off. The good news is that simply by following a few tips, you can immediately stand out from the other guys. Here are four surefire tips that will improve your body language and increase your attractiveness to women.

1. Don't lean towards her. Leaning towards women demonstrate neediness and that is highly unattractive. Relax, and lean slightly way from your target when talking to her.

2. Always look up. Always keep your head up so that you look in control and positive. Looking at your feet demonstrates lower value.

3. Walk slowly. Be steady when you walk. Be confident and comfortable with yourself when you walk, especially when you are in a club. Don't be caught up with people rushing from place to place.

4. Don't fidget. This one should be obvious. Fidgety behavior implies nervousness, and is never attractive to women.

One practical way to be aware of your body language is to have your friend (or wing, when you go to a club to purposely pick women up) and ask him to observe you for a period of time when you interact with women. Later, get his feedback on your body language - whether you are leaning forward too much when you talk to your target, or if you fidget, for example.

By following these tips, you will appear more confident and in control. This will make you stand out among the guys in the same room, and improve your attractiveness in women's eyes.

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Great Body Language Is The Key To Success With Women
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