The Truth About Intimate Relationships Between a Man and a Woman

Teddy Shabba

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Developing a strong, stable, and successful relationship with a woman takes lots of hard work and time. It requires sacrifice and sometimes it can even cause a lot of pain.

Yet, once you reach the pinnacle of success with a thriving, successful relationship you get to know and be with someone with whom you get to share a type of intimacy that very few ever get to truly experience.

However, most relationships don't even make it out of the beginning stages because most people don't even have a good and healthy reason to be in a relationship let alone know what they are in a relationship for.

People like to say that they are in a relationship because they are in Love and want to spend the rest of their lives together; yet, most relationships have at least one person in it because of fear.

Love (attraction) many times in the beginning isn't a conscious choice and for a relationship to thrive at some point it must become a conscious choice of two people deciding to choose too love.

Yet, relationships based on love (attraction) have a foundation full of pleasure. As long as the attraction is strong the love will continue to survive. When the attraction is gone or a stronger attraction in someone else arises the Love will die and someone will be left with the decision of either ending the relationship or simply letting it survive.

What is the truth about Relationships?

In the end there can only be two types of relationships one that survives and one that thrives.

A relationship that survives is one in which the love is dead and the happiness that they each used to share but they continue on just the same.

A relationship that thrives is one in which each has known each other on a very intimate level and continue to make each other better and better.

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Family and Relationships: A Capable Woman - a Caring Society
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