A Lasting Relationship

Avis Ward

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We all want a relationship that lasts; whether they be employer-employee, mentor-protege, parent-child, friend-friend, husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. What seems to be common among all these types of relationships is the commitment of time. The relationship where time seems to become less important would be husband-wife relationships. The current statistics on divorce in America proves this point. Time is spent attending seminars, conferences, workshops, Parent-Teacher meetings, and lectures for job promotions and personal success but few will take the time, effort and money required to invest in and enjoy a peaceful, loving and lasting relationship while married.

Time is valuable. Marriages have value. Time used to communicate openly is paramount to making the relationship work. When you fail to spend time together and share your most intimate thoughts, deepest fears, highest hopes and most cherished desires, you fail to allow that person to become your most trusted friend and soulmate. One should first create an environment at the onset (meeting, becoming friends, dating and contemplation of marriage) but it's not too late to begin anew if you desire to have a lasting relationship. It all starts with forgiveness and ends with love. A forgiving heart is a heart filled with love. This is true for all relationships especially in marriages.

I urge you to evaluate your relationships. Take note of the time you actually spend with those you love. I am not interested in debating with anyone over ‘quality vs quantity. ’ We as human beings find time to do the things we enjoy. We make time to do things we do not enjoy because of some mandate issued from some hierarchy. How much value do you place on the spouse you vowed to stay with forever? Forever need not be a life sentence imposed by a judge but one you voluntarily made because of the love you have for your spouse. We're very fortunate to have only 24 hours in a day. This means, each day is a new beginning. We get to start over each day. We can undo where we went wrong and make it right. No, this does not always happen instantly but it can happen. You can show this article to your mate and make a commitment together to begin anew, right now. You need not wait until tomorrow. We were made to be paired. I am divorced. I am not looking for a spouse. I am not even sure I want one but it's not about me and what I want. I will accept what Christ wants for me. I honestly do not pray for a mate. I am content in my present status. I do have other relationships that require time and commitment. I cherish them because they are mutually enriching.

If you're like me and are not married, develop and nourish some of the other types of relationships mentioned earlier. If you're dating, remember it's not about physical intimacy but spiritual intimacy. Sex is just a physical and temporary expression of lust while lovemaking is an emotional and lasting expression of trust. Trust the Creator to send you a mate and the relationship will be lasting, provided you put Him at the center of your lives. You can then spend time building on the future intended for you. Happiness afterall, does include spending time with the one you love.

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Avis E. Ward is an anointed visionary, called to unite the personal, spiritual and political through Love. She is an Ambassador of Love, Inspirational Speaker, Event Planner and Certified Seminar Leader. Avis is also a Consultant to dental healthcare professionals in Case Acceptance and Marketing.


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