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Breeding Tigers at Tadoba National Park

Uday Patel

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Tigers breed all over the year but they mate more in the winters. Though this is usually the case the breeding season may vary slightly due to weather conditions that may prevail locally. Tiger migrated from cold Siberian climate some ten thousand years back into India. It has yet to acclimatize to varying conditions in India especially the heat. Hence it is natural that the big cat physiology is at its peak in the winters.

Therefore most of the courtship is seen more in the winters. Territorial marking by dominant male tigers and scent marking by females frequently takes place in the cold weather. In fact courtship is aggressive during this period and even territories are redefined or guarded fervently by males. Intense vocalization is observed whence both sexes make an effort to come in contact with each other in the vast confines of the forest. The scent marks left on tree barks and grass also lead to each whence in search of mate. Upon meeting the big cats are vary of each other but the pressing need for copulation brings them together. Mating may go one for three days usually in some isolated pocket of the forests. They would copulate for at least fifty times for ovulation to set in.

In the dense forests of Tadoba National Park breeding is very successful. The inviolate areas accord lot of privacy for the big cats. They breed very well in the critical tiger habitat of Tadoba. The population is gradually rising every year. The outer areas of the National Park are also home to the predators and there too their population is on the rise albeit less rapidly due to human interference. With inception of Project Tiger Program by Government of India the populations have started rising.

More protection and conservation of the specie will result in stable population and bring it out of extinction possibility. Tigers need large inviolate space that National Parks like Tadoba provide. The survival of the cubs is also assured in the protected area and they grow up to be adult and independent in two years. Visit the Tadoba National Park in winters for witnessing breeding. You can sight dominant tigers in courtship on safari in the park. That is the best time for sighting the big cats as well as photographing them.


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