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Spiders Are Not Insects


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The difference between spiders and insects is that spiders have eight legs, insects have six. Spiders cannot fly, insects can. But sometimes it may seem like they can, especially when you are outside and walk into one of their webs because you don't see it until you are already in the middle of it. Or you see a spider outside your window or in the corner of one of your rooms and it looks like it is floating but it is really just sitting in its web that you can't see unless the sun or light from the room is shining on it just right.

Have you ever gotten really close enough to a live spider to see that it has fangs. I haven't, I am not one of your spider lovers.

Spiders as everyone knows spins webs. They do this with abdominal silk spinning organs. It is a fascinating thing to watch if you find a spider spinning his web. He or she is doing this for a couple of reasons. One is that it is his house and also he uses it to catch his food.

Spiders eat insects so they aren't all bad. But there are some spiders that also bite us humans and that can be bad for us.

Spiders come in many different color, sizes and shapes. This is good for them because the more bizarre their bodies are it is helpful to them. It helps to deceive and ambush prey, to capture particular sorts of prey, to avoid being eaten and to attract mates.
All spiders lay eggs in some sort of silk-wrapped cocoon. The cocoon is then either guarded by the female or carried with her until the eggs hatch. In some species of spiders, the young cling to the back of the mother and are carried about.

Okay then lets quit being nice and get to the point that we don't want these eight legged creepy crawly things in our houses. What can we do? We can hire an exterminator that is costly and stinky, or call your better half to come and step on it.

Kathy Onsager is the editor of Gardening For Fun .

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