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Armed and Dangerous - The Deadliest Animals in the World


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We all know from various nature programs that the wild is certainly no place for a human to be in. There are a lot of dangerous animals that can seriously cause you harm wherever you go. Be it in the American woods or the African savanna, people just have to accept that they share this world with some of the deadliest animals that have ever evolved. And seriously, if you think man is untouchable because of his technology, these killers can make a case for how vulnerable human beings are.

So what are some of the animals that cause the biggest number of human fatalities every year?

- The bear: This is definitely one of the largest of those included in this short list. The bear is one of those animals that don't usually hunt humans down for food but will definitely maul and even kill a human being if they feel threatened. And when you're about ten feet tall and you weigh thousands of pounds like the largest bears do, it isn't a really hard thing. So as much as possible try to avoid bears in the wild. It can save you a lot of trouble.

- The crocodile: Remaining virtually unchanged through millions of years of life on Earth means that you have a formula that really, really works. And the ambush killer known as the crocodile has perfected its killing technique to such an extent that it has retained more or less the same form that its ancestors had during the time of the dinosaurs. And unfortunately people in Africa, Asia and Australia have felt the brutal force that a crocodile can deliver to its victims. It's best to steer clear of the water's edge, especially at night, when they are most active.

- The scorpion: This little creature may not be the most massive animal on this list but it surely is here for a reason. Its small size can mask its presence from the unsuspecting. And the powerful venom of the most dangerous species like the African spitting scorpion can spell trouble even for grown men.

These are just a few of the animals that bring a lot of fatalities to the human population every year. If you want to see which animal tops this notorious list, visit:


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Humans Are Animals But Animals Are Not Human
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