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Many of us have been told that a college degree is necessary in order to land a satisfying career that has a good salary. However, while experts agree that most careers do require postsecondary training or education, statistics show that only a small percentage of jobs will demand a bachelor’s or professional degree. If you are undecided about whether or not attending a four-year college is right for you, what is a reasonable alternative?

A great option to a four-year college is a vocational training program. Vocational training programs offer specialized instruction to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a specific job. In addition, these programs often have small class sizes - which allow for one-on-one communication with the instructor - and are completed in a much shorter timeframe. Many training programs are also offered on the Internet, enabling you to study from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule.

There are also an unlimited number of careers that can be had through vocational training. A great job such as working the front desk of a dental office is easily achieved through vocational training. Additionally, vocational training prepares students for immediate employment by focusing only on the material that matters; while a four-year college expects students to take a variety of courses that usually have nothing to do with their interests and end up costing them a lot of wasted time and dollars.

On the front and back end, vocational training is much lower in costs than college tuition. Today, the average price of a four-year college is somewhere around $15,000 per year; while a vocational training institution averages 60-80% less. And the costs don’t end at graduation either. Many college students end up paying back hefty loans that they had to use in order to pay for school – before they even land a job!

In short, it is important to understand now what your choices are for postsecondary education. A great part of graduating high school and becoming a responsible adult is learning to make the decisions that are right for you. So mosey on up to the counter and take a good look at all the options available on the menu before you decide to order what everyone else recommends.

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The Warschaw Learning Institute has grown to become the leading online dental office training among today's dental professionals, adults changing careers and high school seniors. Offering a self-paced program with instructor supervision, students receive hands-on experience using a dental practice management software as well as the following three courses; Dental Front Office in (English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Farsi), HIPAA and Hiring for Fit (managerial team building course).

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