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Foot Reflexology Schools teach the art of foot reflexology therapy, or foot zone therapy, an ancient Egyptian practice founded on the basis that areas of the feet are comprised of zones, and that zonal reflex areas of the foot correspond to organs, glands, and systems of the body.

Foot reflexology is the art of performing massage on those zones to relieve stress, promote flow of energy, and improve general health. Foot reflexology students learn the applications of pressure to reflex zones. In this most common of reflexologies, the foot reflexology therapist applies pressure to points on the foot that correspond to organs and points in the body.

The vital energy that flows between the organs and every cell of the body becomes blocked with the introduction of stress. Blockage of this energy restricts circulation of energy between organs and the rest of the body. A foot reflexology therapist presses corresponding reflex zone so that crystalline structures can be broken down. This results in the release blocked energy and the reduction of tension, stress, and pain.

Though foot reflexology is not a “cure" for diseases, foot reflexology therapy restores natural balance and revitalization. Foot reflexology therapists, through locating regions of stress or tension in the body, provide the means of promoting natural restoration and healing.

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