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Interventions That You Can Apply For People Who Have Scalds and Burns From Catching Flames Or Fire


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Emergencies are situations that need an immediate response or intervention to avoid life threatening situations. You may be enjoying a careless and comfortable life today but somewhere in your place or even half way around the globe, people are being rushed to hospitals to prevent an impending death. Most of the emergencies that people face are medical. No matter what kind of emergencies they are, they are all equally devastating to the person involved and their loved ones. It is the most difficult situation to be in because of fear of losing that person and anxiety eats you up. However, no matter how stressing it is to be in this situation, the best thing that you can do is to be there to support your family or friends.

One of the common medical emergencies in hospitals is burns. According to American Burn Association, 500,000 people are estimated to have their burns treated in all types of health care facilities. The survival rate of burn patients is 94.4% but hospital admissions have been gaining an average of 200 per year as it has improved their facilities. Common origins of burns are residential fires and vehicle fires, to which 46% belongs to direct flame contact and 32% from scalding. Looking at the stats, direct flame has a largest percentage. In case this happens to you, what should you do?

When you catch fire on your body or any part of you house, you can use all sorts of extinguishers. You just have to make sure that you are using the right one because they have classifications. It is very much suggested that you pick the multi-rated items so that it can have a wide range of coverage. One that is rated class ABC is powder based in the form of Monoammonium phosphate. However, you just have to be careful in using them on human body because there are some devices that can leave harmful residues while others are corrosive. While controlling the fire, make sure someone is calling 911. If you have a vehicle, transport the person right away to the hospital. You can cover the burn part with warm, moist and clean dressing while transporting.

Since scalds are also one of the main sources of burn incidence, you also need to be familiar on the first aid treatment of this case. The best thing to do is to run the burned part with cool water by dipping it for 10 minutes. If it has blisters, do not prick it because the liquid inside serves as a protection. Besides, doing it so will make you vulnerable to infection. You can temporarily put an antibiotic burn ointment on the scald to relieve it and cover it with protecting dressing. Then it is necessary to go directly to the hospital.

First aid treatment is very essential in the survival of these patients. It is good that you may have devices such as an extinguisher to speedup putting out the fire. In cases that it is not around, a wet blanket and the stop drop and roll technique can help a lot. Nevertheless, these incidences are not to be taken lightly and anyone who has seen a victim in this condition should take prompt action.

Having specialized in the extinguishers trade for over 20 years, Brian now works tirelessly to promote affordable fire safety for home and for business.


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