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Fire Prevention - Techniques a Responsible Homeowner Must Know to Avoid Making Your Homes Vulnerable


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A man from Missouri died as his house was burned to ashes. He was sleeping at night and was not able to wake up to escape the wrath of fire. While there is another story from Sheybogan Press was published last Nov 22, sharing a story about an infant, about 4 months old, who died on an apartment fire who had no working smoke detectors. An innocent child lost the chance to live life and grow fully because of a tragic accident caused by a faulty electrical wiring.

Looking at the two stories above, it is a fact that people are experiencing fire accidents and fatalities occur because of it. The sad thing in here is that it does not choose who it kills. Everything that goes into its way can be harmed. The irony is that it commonly occurs in your safe zone: which is your home. Your home, which you consider safe and warm, can be easily wiped out because of ignorance and negligence. Even though it your home and you know very well around it, you have a duty to apply safety measures in order to avoid accidents like fire. It is your duty to know various fire prevention techniques to decrease the possibilities of these mishaps to occur.

The question is how do you do this? It is simple. Take note of the following tips:

1. Wiring is one of the reasons why fire outbreak occurs. Then you should check on faulty wirings and have them replaced as soon as possible.

2. Never leave appliances on when you are not using them and before you leave the house.

3. Keep away easily combustible materials in places that have flames like your fireplace and your burners.

4. Portable heaters can also be the cause of fire. Therefore, avoid putting them close to your walls and maintain at least 3 feet distance.

5. Avoid overheating your appliances.

6. Do not plug in too much device in an extension wire. In short, do not overload your sockets.

7. Hide all matches and keep it out of reach from your children.

8. Follow container standard in keeping flammable liquid and gases and keep them away from things that can cause sparks.

9. Grill in open areas and do not leave them for a long time. Keep an eye on them because it can burst into flames with increasing temperature.

10. Avoid burning leaves under a tree or if it surrounded with dry combustible materials.

These are simple fire prevention techniques that you apply in your homes. It does not take a genius to understand them. When it comes to safety, you should be very vigilant in applying these things. Fire accidents are serious matters. Your properties are not the only things at risk in here but the lives of your loved ones as well. Dealing with fire is not a joke. Therefore, everyone should find their way in educating themselves to learn about fire, its causes and prevention. In the end, you will be thankful that the tragedies of the people above did not happen to you.

Having specialized in hydrospray fire prevention for over 20 years, Brian now works tirelessly to promote affordable fire safety for home and for business.


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Fire Prevention Tips For the Holidays
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