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Surviving Post Peak Oil Civilization What to Do If the Worst Happens


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Back in 1956 a Shell geoscientist M. King Hubbert predicted that America would peak in terms of oil production between 1965 and 1970. He turned out to be correct. It was also predicted that global production would peak shortly after the New Millennium. This may or may not have happened, what is known is that global production has been declining since December 2005. At the same time global demand has been increasing.

Some commentators suggest that the global economy will collapse rapidly after Peak Oil is reached. A minority of those also suggest that modern civilization as we know it will also be seriously effected with the potential collapse of the western world's infrastructure. Some quote a time scale of just a few years after Peak Oil for this to happen. If this is the case what is the best way to survive into the 2010's?

If you live in a city or a town you need to move. Even if you live in a large village you need to consider relocating. The reason for this is that there is going to be a lot of competition for scarce resources. If society does break down then large conurbations are going to be the worst place to be. You need to set your sites on a farmstead or croft where you have sufficient defendable land to grow your own produce for you and your family. If you can find an island somewhere so much the better.

You might wish to consider stockpiling as much medicine, tools, equipment, clothing, weaponry and the like. If civilization does collapse then it will be hard to come by most things that we take for granted. When selecting grains make sure that you select suitable ones that can produce viable seeds for future crops and are not dependent on a vast array of chemical fertilizers and insecticide. Also make sure that you do not tell people what you are doing - if you do this then you may become a target for raids.

Most people wont have the skills or knowledge to undertake providing for themselves from the land. Learn as many skills as possible that might assist you. You might want to consider learning agricultural or animal husbandry skills.

Information may be hard to come by. The internet will not exist if the country's infrastructure collapses. Get relevant reference books on every subject that might be of use.

If you are aware of other people who are thinking along the same lines as you consider forming a collective where each of you undertakes to carry out or learn certain tasks or skills. This way you can help each other and yourself at the same time.

Hopefully Peak Oil has not occurred and will not occur for another couple of decades which will allow countries to reduce or even eliminate the need for oil based products such as petrol or heating oil. However if it has happened it would be worthwhile closely monitoring the situation and being prepared to act should the circumstances dictate.

Paul Klein lives and works in Loughborough as a journalist. He also undertakes freelance journalistic work for the neighboring city of Leicester and also writes articles for Leicestershire.


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