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Survival Kits 5.5 Items You Must Have


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When you are putting together your survival kit, there are 5 1/2 items that you need to ensure to have to be minimally prepared. These are:

1. Water and Food

Lets face facts. The body can last only 3 days without water and several weeks without food. But when dehydration kicks in, you make mistakes due to confusion. Having plenty of clean water is crucial. A case of bottled water will do. Add some high energy bars for 3 days worth of eating, you can keep the mind fueled right and hopefully not making mistakes due to hunger/thirst.

2. A Multi-tool.

A multi tool is crucial since you never know what situation you will come across where a pair of pliers or a knife is needed. When you are tired and the food bars wrappers are hard to open, guess what - a multi tool comes in handy. Plus you never know when a screwdriver or other attachment is needed!

3. A Space Blanket.

At night, keeping warm is important. A space blanket is light weight and waterproof. Wrapping yourself in the blanket at night will ward off hypothermia which is dangerous in cold climates. If you have a couple of them, you can use one as a cover and a second as a blanket.

4. A flashlight:

Traveling at night if hazardous without a light. Tripping over debris can be hazardous to you! Be sure to have additional batteries is also recommended. If you want to have a multi purpose light, get a combo light and radio (make sure it can get NOAA weather stations!)

5. A First Aide Kit

Having a proper first aide kit with supplies can be a life saver. Ensuring it is properly stocked with supplies which are not EXPIRED is also very important. The best way to ensure the kit is up to date is to have an annual kit check date where you dump the old/expired stuff and replace it.

5 1/2. An Inventory List

Having a method to check what should be in the kit and when it was last replaced is all too important. What good are expired supplies or spoiled food in your kit at a time of disaster? The easiest way to store your list is to type it up and place it in a zip lock style badge. Make sure you have a date written on the list as well for a quick view for the last time you checked your kit.

Chris West is the founder of Urban Survival Secrets. His experience goes back to his original training the early 1980's. He has held positions within fortune 500 companies as a Safety and Security officer and ensured that the facilities and employees under his care were trained and prepared. This website UrbanSurvivalSecrets is dedicated to getting all the readers prepared for emergencies and disasters. You can subscribe to his newsletter and get a special report on being prepared at:


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