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Uses and Diverse Benefits of Inverted Microscope

Bruce Markey

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Inverted microscope as the name suggests offers the view of the studied object from the opposite direction. It has its light source and the condenser lens located above the specimen and thus provides a bottom-up view from the reverse side. They are highly used in studying larger objects out in the open or in natural ambience.

Inverted versus upright microscope

While in using upright microscope you need to gaze downwards to see the image of the specimen, with an inverted microscope one needs to look up to study the specimen. This type of microscope is commonly used in various scientific studies like metallurgy, cell culture and for studying aquatic specimens. These microscopes are particularly useful for studies out in the nature or for large specimen.

Inverted microscope capabilities

This microscope offers excellent output for an array of scientific studies including metallurgical samples and observation of large and living specimens. Using a conventional compound microscope for these purposes have some limitations and in that respect inverted microscopes prove useful.

Inverted microscope usefulness

Inverted microscopes for studying samples for research purpose offers an array of advantages. Let us have a look at some of them.

1. More ease and freedom

Upright microscopes cannot handle large samples for viewing and typically the size of the sample for these microscopes has an average 80 mm height and that too depends on the object dimension. Inverted microscopes are free from these constraints. The users of this microscope can enjoy more ease and freedom with a greater working distance and consequently can study huge and heavy samples.

2. Studying more samples in a short time

Inverted microscope typically does not require all those focal adjustments and ergonomic movement of the microscope or the stage. With this microscope, all you need is to place the sample on the stage, focus on the surface and study. Naturally even for untrained operators and researchers this microscope proves useful. Moreover, inverted microscopes let you change the focus on samples faster than the upright microscope.

3. Damage to the microscope is very unlikely

Crashing the objective right into the specimen is not rare in labs and often this result in irreparable damage to the microscope. The inverted microscope is designed in a way that reduces such risks to a minimum. More room for viewing the samples from a distance makes it impossible for such a damage to occur.

4. Less hazard for preparing samples

Preparing lab samples requires significant investment of time and money while using so called upright microscopes. Inverted microscopes in this respect, offers no limitations as far as placing the microscope directly before the specimen is concerned. With least or no preparation of the samples you can get into microscopic study saving precious time and money.

5. Seeing the world as it is

Finally, it is the inverted microscope that allows you study the object as it is out in the nature. Just by moving the eyepieces and controlling the magnification one can study large objects. This easy, natural view of the specimen produced by these microscopes allows more learning and greater engagement in research and study.

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