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Six Great Careers You Can Get With an Environmental Science Degree

Bruce Markey

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Researching and ultimately conserving the environment is already an important field of work and will only increase in its importance over time and the environment is further degraded, and will eventually be an invaluable area of expertise in the world. Studying environmental science is a great way to get yourself on a promising career track, protect the environment and take your pick from any number of challenging and diverse jobs.

The jobs you can get with an environmental science degree are, indeed, quite diverse. Let’s have a look at some potential careers you might choose after earning your degree.

Environmental Scientist

This is the most obvious and direct job you can get with your environmental science degree. Environmental scientists study the impact humanity has on the earth through research that includes things like conducting field studies and writing environmental assessment reports. Environmental scientists work for both public organizations like governments as well as private industries to monitor environmental impacts of projects and activities.

Park Warden

If you like recreation and wilderness, your environmental science degree can get you a job working in a national park or other park area as a warden. You will supervise, manage and control the activities of people, the activities of animals and the environmental protection of the park where you work. You will most likely work for the government; carry out a lot of public relations work along with some paperwork and law enforcement activities.


If you put what you learn completing your environmental science degree to work in the field of ecology, you will spend your time studying how life forms interact with their environments. Ecologists tend to also monitor the environment through gathering data on temperature, rainfall and pollution levels through field research and creating reports. You will most likely work for the government, a natural resource industry, or a land development company.

Environmental Lawyer

You can also put your environmental science smarts to work in the courts. With the addition of a law degree, you can become an expert on environmental legislation and have a say in how environmental laws are written. You can work for anyone you choose, including governments, non-profit environmental groups, First Nations bands, corporations and more.

Environmental Protection Officer

Lay down the law as an environmental protection officer for the government. This career that involves education about environmental regulations, prevention of regulation infringements, as well as enforcement of the law. You will carry out investigations and enforce environmental regulations on behalf of various levels of government. In addition to your environmental science degree, you will need an education in the criminal justice field.

Environmental Publication Editor

If you have a way with words, working in the environmental publishing industry could be a good career option for you. An environmental science degree backed by some good training in writing can give you the chance to work reviewing, evaluating and editing manuscripts, articles and news reports for publication in print, broadcast or online media. As editor you will also organize a team of writers, photographers and other staff.

Environmental science ( ) is how man can now predict and visualize the impact we are having on the planet. It is our business to convert this science into information you can use to visualize that impact yourself – and the impact you, yourself, have on the environment. Get in touch with us at Planet Experts for details. To know about some of the environmental problems, you may also visit .


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