Three Types of Telescopes - What are the Advantages


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Refractors, Newtonian reflectors and Catadioptrics are the three main types of telescopes. All these different types have the same purpose, but each telescope design does it differently. Collecting light and bringing it to point of focus so it can be magnified and examined with an eyepiece is their goal.

Of the different types of telescopes the refractor is the telescope most people think of when they think of astronomy. This type of astronomy telescope is easy to use and reliable due to the simplicity of design. It requires little or no maintenance. Its great for looking at the different types of lunar, planetary, and binary stars.

Newtonians are a type of telescope, which is also known as catoptrics. This type is different from the other telescopes because it has the lowest per inch of aperture compared to refractors and Catadioptrics, because lenses are more expensive to produce than mirrors, especially in medium to large apertures. Newtonians deliver very bright images and are low in optical aberrations.

Catadoptric telescopes are the most popular type of instrument, with the most modern design, marketed throughout the world in 3 1/2 and larger apertures. Its very good for looking at different planetary, lunar, and binary stars. If you like to take photos with your telescope this type of instrument is excellent for deep sky observing or astrophotography with fast films or CCD's.


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