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How a Solar Cell works and why you should use Solar Energy Often


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Technology of the solar cell was there for the past 60 years but there is a lot of emphasis on it at present. More and more instruments that harness power of sunlight appear these days. You get solar powered cell phone chargers, Solar powered calculators, wrist watches and many more. There are even solar powered garden lights that collect power from the sun’s rays during the day time and use it for lighting your garden during the night.

A solar cell is made up of material that releases electrons when exposed to sunlight. These electrons flow through the circuit in order to glow your bulbs and turn your fans. However, they must come back to the cell through its base. This cycle will keep on as long as there is sunlight. Only when sunlight fades away the process will stop. It is obvious that a solar cell is unable to produce power after sun set. Therefore, you need to have batteries to collect the power generated during day time.

A single solar cell is able to produce only a very limited quantity of power. But when you connect a lot of them you will be able to generate the extent of power you need. Therefore, it is a must for you to have the correct number of cells to generate sufficient volume of power you need. When you go shopping for your solar panels you will be able to buy the panels with the right number of cells. It is also necessary for you to buy a battery that is able to store the right amount of power you need.

Once you store power generated in the solar panels, you have the option to use it to power your electrical appliances by sending it though an inverter. Inverter will convert the direct current that is supplied by the battery into alternating current of 60 Hertz. During day time you could draw unlimited power from the system as the solar panels keep on charging the batteries but during night time you need to take care of the power that is available in the battery.

Since the power generated by solar cell serves to help the planet to be a better place to live, you must try to use it as much as possible. When you use more of this renewable energy, the consumption of the fossil fuel will come down. Finally, it will help prevent pollution of the atmosphere also.


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