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Solar Power For House From Roof Shingles


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Some people are discouraged to utilize solar power for house because they fear that installing panels can ruin the aesthetics of their residence. If that is the only thing that is stopping you from utilizing the sun’s energy for your daily electricity needs, then you would be thrilled to know more about solar shingles.

Interestingly, there are solar panels that are manufactured to look like shingles. These panels are also referred to as solar roof tiles.

How the shingles provide solar power for house

The typical size of the solar shingles is about 12 inches wide. It should be strategically laid on the roof if only a specific section will be covered. One style of placing the shingles is to overlap one with the other. Some opt for a patchwork design. There are cases too when the entire roof is covered with solar shingles if there is a bigger demand for solar power for house.

The solar shingles will also collect energy from the sun just like the typical solar panels. It can either work as a stand alone power source or one that is connected to the main power grid. The array of solar shingles delivers solar power to an inverter so that the direct current (DC) may be converted to alternate current (AC). It can also be connected to a battery where solar energy can be stored for use at night or during stormy weather when the sun is not shining.

Advantages of using shingles for solar power for house

The solar shingles look very appealing. It can give you so many benefits while enhancing the look of your home. You do no have to worry about panels that are sticking out from the roof. You have to know though that the solar shingles can be a bit more expensive than the typical solar panels.

The important thing is that the amount you will spend on the solar shingles will still be worth it. It can work as effectively as the traditional solar panels. When it comes to generating solar power for house, these can be reliable too. The initial amount that you will spend on the shingles can be retrieved within 2 to 3 years because of the savings that you can enjoy from the slashed amount on your electricity bills.

The solar shingles are also durable. It can last for 20 years or more. When maintained well, it can even go beyond that. After the 2 to 3 years of recovery from the initial investment, you will be left with almost 20 years of enjoying a lot of savings because you can lower or even eradicate your electricity bills.

Apart from looking great, the solar shingles are also designed to withstand strong gust of wind and even storms. It is also more efficient when it comes to collecting energy from the sun because of its extensive and direct exposure to the sun’s light. A single shingle can produce 100 watts of electricity when fully charged. So, it is an excellent choice in producing solar power for house .


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