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Solar Water Heater—Basic Information That You Should Know About


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Solar water heater is a brilliant system to incorporate in your home because of its efficiency and functionality. The solar water heater system utilizes only the energy from the sunlight. That means it can significantly reduce your power bills. The best part is that it is not just your wallet that you are protecting. With the use of solar powered water heater, you can even contribute to saving the planet!

Using the energy coming from the sun can cover for 50% up to 90% of a single household’s requirement for hot water. The amount of money and fuel that you can save will depend on the climate in your location and the model of the system that you are utilizing.

How Water Is Heated Using Solar Energy

There are different models of solar water heater that are available for homes these days but the basic principle remains the same. What typically happens is that cold water is pumped up to the roof, into the tank, so it can be heated using solar energy. The solar panels are a big element in this process because those are responsible for collecting energy from the sun and utilizing it to heat up the water. Heated water is then transferred to the holding tank, allowing more cold water to be heated up.

When it comes to safety, there are mechanisms now that are placed within the system so that water would not overheat and cause disaster.

Types of Solar Water Heater System

There are only two basic types that you need to be familiar with—the passive and active water collection systems. What makes the difference between the two is the method on how water is transferred from the collection tank to the storage tank.

The first type solar water system is the passive water collection heaters. This involves the use of a tank that is mounted on top of the roof. It collects cold water which will be heated up using solar energy. This is an outstanding system because it no longer needs electricity for pumping water.

There are two different systems which can be implemented on passive water collection heaters. Choosing the right one will depend on your location. The open or direct circuit system is perfect for places that do no experience freezing temperature during winter months. The tanks are interconnected so that water can continuously flow from one tank to another. Closed circuit or indirect system is recommended for places which experience freezing winter months. A heating fluid is used so that the water would not freeze up and become unusable.

The second type of solar water heater system is the active water collection heaters. This is recommended for homes that are not too spacious. Instead of placing the collection tank on top of the roof, it can be situated on ground level or even underground. A pump is necessary to transfer the heated water from the collection tank to the storage tank. This can be incorporated with your current traditional heating system but electricity is still necessary to pump the water.

Whether you are opting for the active or passive water collection heater, one thing that you have to remember is that the solar panels should be strategically placed so it could effectively collect energy from the sun.


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