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Kids Science Fair Projects For Winning Science Experiments


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Kids science fair projects are quite simple to come up with. Kids are constantly asking questions like “What happens if" or “How does this work?" The next time they ask a question, instead of just telling them the answer, help them find the answer out on their own. They'll feel great about themselves when they've accomplished the experiment and found out the answer by themselves. One experiment for kids to try would be to see if water proof mascara is really water proof. All you need for this experiment is a few different brands of mascara, some paper and running water from a tap. Brush the mascara on to the paper and after allowing it time to dry, place it under the running water and see which brands are really waterproof.

Other Kids science fair projects are to see whether cockroaches have a sense of direction. Others such as how much food a caterpillar can consume in one day, or how about seeing which kind of surface snails can move faster on, gravel, sand or cement can also be fun ideas. You could also try running a mouse through a maze and seeing how long it takes them to get to the end, or drawing a line from beginning to end and seeing if the mouse is able to follow it. This can be a great project if you know someone with a pet mouse you can borrow, because if you borrow one from the pet store, chances are your child won't want to return it afterwards and you may end up with a new family pet!

For more Kids science fair projects and step-by-step instructions, visit Be sure to check out the site for tons of simple science projects elementary science experiments, middle school, and high school science.

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Easy Science Projects for Kids
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