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The Ongoing Search For the Lost City of Atlantis


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One of the best known myths in history if that of “The Lost City of Atlantis". The Greek philosopher Plato was the first to acknowledge the existence of Atlantis in his dialogues “Timaeus" and “Critias". Plato's accounts have Atlantis lying “beyond the pillars of hercules" and being a island of great naval power that conquered parts of Africa and Western Europe. Plato describes Atlantis as a great island, a kind of paradise having magnificent mountain ranges , lush plains that were home to a large variety of animals and luxurious gardens with an infinite abundance of wondrous fruits and vegetables. As described by Plato the city was laid out and arranged in five zones built in perfect concentric circles , with different ports supported by a system of canals which were said to be always full of vessels and merchants coming from all parts.

At the heart of the city were great palaces and temples which outside were covered in silver with the pinnacles being covered in gold. The temples were glorious with its insides and roof made of ivory wrought everywhere with gold and silver Orichalcum. In the dialogues Atlantis is said at the beginning to be a perfect society being highly versed in technology and living in peace and harmony. Then over time the great society begins to decay as the people start to worship false gods of wealth , idleness and luxury. Being a constant pessimist about human nature Plato writes:

"When the divine portion began to fade away, and became diluted too often and too much with the mortal admixture, and the human nature gained the upper hand, they then, being unable to bear their fortune, behaved in an unseemly manner, and to him who had an eye to see, grew visibly debased, for they were losing the fairest to their precious gifts; but to those who had no eye to see the true happiness, they appeared glorious and blessed at the very time when they were full of avarice and unrighteous power. "

It was at this time the citizens of Atlantis are said to embark on a war driven to make conquest through out the Mediterranean. Its said they launched huge fleets of ships against other islands and enslaving there inhabitants. The only power to stand up against them was the city of Athens who won a brilliant victory. The many wrongs of Atlantis brought down the wrath of the Gods as Plato takes up the story saying " Then came violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune . . . . the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea. "


This wonderful story of Atlantis has grown in luster through out the years leading to many debates by everyone from scientist to historical explorers. Many people consider Atlantis as being fiction simply being a story written by Plato as a warning of the ease in which society can become corrupted. Although there are many other who feel that Atlantis was born from real accounts and that the great city certainly did exist as Plato describes. The search to find this lost city has become a life long pursuit for many people tracking clue's to its location to points around the world. There have even been many accounts made by psychic's offering clues to possible locations some not even being within the Atlantic Ocean waters.

Here is a list of the historically proposed locations where the Lost City of Atlantis may lie waiting to be found.

Sardinia, Crete
Santorini, Sicily
Troy, Tartessos
Tantalus, Turkey

Bosporus and Ancomah (Black Sea locations)
Sunken in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Northern Europe including Sweden and even spots in the North Sea.
Many other locations have been given consideration such as the Bermuda Triangle , Antartica , Indonesia, Canary Islands , and various spots in the Caribbean Sea.

Many people claim to have found the location of the Lost City of Atlantis trying to prove that various items and finds through the years show possible links of proof. To date there has yet to be any accepted location or find that can prove the myth of Atlantis.

Will this great society and lost city ever be found ? Does the lost city offer humanity great gifts of technology and wisdom just waiting to be discovered ?

"The Search Never Ends"

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