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Sodium Bicarbonate - A Chemical of Importance


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Chemicals are important parts of our everyday life. Different industries use chemicals in many ways. They can be used in their simplest forms or you can use them in their compound form. One of the most important chemical combinations that we use in our everyday life is Sodium Bicarbonate.

If you have not recalled your chemistry lessons, a mixture of sodium hydroxide and carbon dioxide in water forms Sodium Bicarbonate. The precipitate formed is usually whitish and it can take form of a crystalline or fine powder. Let us find out the uses of this chemical compound as well as its importance to our society today.

Baking Soda

Sodium Bicarbonate is an important component of baking soda. This product is not only limited kitchen use and baking. Baking soda can be used as a whitening agent for the teeth. If you have halitosis, you can dissolve this in water and gargle it to remove bad breath. It is also a cleansing agent. It can remove stains and smells from your clothes. Clean your kitchen utensils and many others. One of the most popular uses for baking soda is for relieving itches. It can also work like cornstarch as it promotes cleanliness.

Fire Protection Device

This compound is also used to put out fire. It is one of the components of powder fire extinguisher. It is part of the Category B and C, which can be used to put out fire from combustible substances and any devices involving wires. There other compounds used to put out fire using this device. Sodium Bicarbonate is just one of them.


This is one of the popular medicines used to correct fluid and electrolyte imbalances. If you have a case of indigestion, this medicine is given. They are popularly used as antacids. In cases of hyponatremia (which means low sodium in the blood) and metabolic acidosis, this compound is very important. It replaces lost sodium in the body and raises the ph of your body to lever it to the normal level.

Science Project

Have you ever seen a model volcano erupting? This is the way to do it: All you have to do is make your own volcano and make sure it is stable and water proof. You can put sodium bicarbonate on it and mix it with vinegar then you will your own volcano resembling a real eruption. You will notice a lot of fizzles and bubbles. It can make your volcano look as if it was really erupting (just as you see it in Discovery Channel).

It is amazing how chemicals like this work to make our lives easier and safer. The invention of powder fire extinguishers has been made possible because of their existence. Nowadays we have better and safer ways to tackle fire. We also have better alternatives to treat rashes. And bread keeps getting better and better as you use this effectively. In addition, we can save lives just by mere using this as a medicine. No wonder life has drastically improved because of chemicals like this.

Having specialized in the powder fire extinguishers trade for over 20 years, Brian now works tirelessly to promote affordable fire safety for home and for business.


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