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What is MythBusters and What is it About?


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We have all heard or told an urban legend or two, maybe even contributed to their spread. What fascinates us the most about these legends is that, despite the grandiose tall tale aspects, these stories are most often based in fact. This is especially true of narratives that pertain to science.

Now, if a person wanted to separate truth from fiction from such tales, they would first have to know how to set up controlled experiments. These experiments would then have to be performed safely, so testers could provide a definitive ‘yah’ or ‘nah’ as to the myth's authenticity.

This basic premise is what fuels the extremely popular Discovery Channel cable television series, MythBusters.

MythBusters Show Format:

In every informative episode, the stars of the show would take a popular notion, like the idea that Coca-Cola can clean the rust off a chrome bumper and test this to see if this idea is valid. Upon creating several control situations, they work several angles to prove or disprove the particular belief.

Although the main stars of the show, namely Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, are experts in visual and special effects, they often ask experts in the field to help them with the shows various investigations.

For example, if they wanted to prove whether or not an individual can be harmed by lightening while talking on a land line based telephone, they would consult with energy experts. Some of these experts may even oversee trial runs to authenticate the results.

This doesn't keep viewers from challenging the duos findings, which is all a part of the shows allure. More often than not however, many well known myths, old wives tales and science fallacies are, as Jamie and Adam would say, “Busted".

MythBusters Stars and Interns:

The show's primary stars, Jamie and Adam, are the main headliners of MythBusters. This twosome is often responsible for developing the subject matter for the show. Even so, the special effects duo will often ask avid fans of the Discovery Channel show to contribute to show ideas as well.

When Jamie and Adam were later joined by young interns Scottie Chapman, Tory Belleci and Kari Byron, they were able to expand the series a bit, bringing in new concepts as well as broader viewer demographic.

The newcomers were young but brilliant which made MythBusters more appealing to a youthful fan base. For instance, the lovely Kari was an amazing visual artist, Scottie was a metal worker and Tory a carpenter craftsman. This team's background and unique and interesting personalities lent an even more fun and playful air to the weekly, somewhat educational broadcast.

Scottie was later replaced by Grant Imahara after he had to leave the show during the third season.

Imahara was a welcome addition, as he brought to a show not only a winsome and charming personality, but knowledge in electronics and robotics.

Where is MythBusters shot?

The show is filmed in San Francisco California and the ‘soundstage’ can be at the MythBusters workshop or on location in various ares around town.

A UK version airs on the BBC as well, and to date, the show itself plays on numerous cable stations internationally.

MythBusters continues to grow in popularity because it is a fun and interesting way to challenge popular misconceptions about science and long held erroneous beliefs. Fans also feel as if they are a part of the fun as they can suggest show ideas or even offer their own commentary about shows.

In this way, MythBusters combines educational properties with entertainment principles, so that people of all ages can get something from the show and have fun in the process. It is a rare cable TV show that can make this claim and is perhaps why MythBusters will continue enjoying cable TV success for years to come.

The popular Mythbusters show focuses on exploring scientific experiments that are popular in movies and films. Watch Mythbusters as they set out to debunk these famous myths.


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What is MythBusters and What is it About?
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