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Processes Involved in Blavatsky's Writings and Its Effects


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elena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB) demonstrated the Siddhis (psychic-spiritual faculties) of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the powers of projection, precipitation and being en rapport. These were all used in her writings on Occult science and Meta Physics which may be categorized into seven kinds of processes. We outline them below but it is emphasized that none of the above processes are miracles or supernatural. All fall within natural law, once the operator has developed the faculties to use them. It is obvious that HPB's writings as just enumerated are proof of this; her literary works with several thousands of references could not have been produced by ordinary means.

Descriptive Writing: This is the conventional method of authorship with the added dimension of one who writes from the standpoint of Occultism.

Writing by Instruction: Here the writing is under instruction and supervision from her Adept Master in fulfillment of her task as the messenger in bringing the teachings of the Perennial Philosophy to the Western world.

Writing by Dictation: Writing by virtue of the capacity to be in perfect mutual psycho-magnetic rapport with an Adept in Occult Sciences, whereupon thought transference and dictation of whole pages becomes possible since space and distance, as such, do not exist for thought.

Writing by Directive Clairvoyance: This is the faculty of being able to select a book on a specific theme although never having physically seen the volume before; then, from any page in the work; then to choose an appropriate passage on a pre-determined subject; then having selected a citation, the ability to copy it verbatim, and give its correct page; moreover to support this citation by quoting another author, an extract from another book would be required in a similar manner. HPB was taught this Siddhi by her Teachers during her exacting training period in Tibet.

Writing by Psychometry: This involves the faculty whereby a sensitive person can receive from any object held in the hand or against the forehead impressions of the character or appearance of the individual, or any other object with which it has previously been in contact. Thus a manuscript, painting or item of jewelry, no matter how ancient, will convey to the sensitive a vivid picture of the writer, painter or wearer.

Writing by Precipitation: This signifies the materialization of the message on paper or other substance (the Mahatma Letters were received in this way as well).

Writing by a process Analogous to Tulku: Difficult to explain as there is no English word equivalent to the Tibetan, broadly speaking this involves the Siddhi of being able to project one's consciousness by means of an illusory vehicle or body.

Chief Fields Of Research Spurred By Blavatsky's Writings on Occult science and Meta Physics

The revelation of hitherto guarded facts about the inner workings of nature has spurred major research in a number of areas in science. As HPB tells us, the truths inspired to such as Kepler, Leibnitz, Gassendi and Swedenborg have never found a fair hearing. But now science is beginning to take note. Indeed the Mahatmas have affirmed that ‘modern science is [becoming] our best ally’.

There are two broad areas where science and Theosophy can supplement one another: natural science, and life science.

Matter and Light

It is interesting how closely the latest experiments and theories in quantum physics on the nature of light and matter appear to mirror the fundamental esoteric tenets, chiefly regarding the role of consciousness.


Big bang theories in cosmology have remained virtually unchallenged for over a decade, but scientists are now beginning to realize the limitations of this model chiefly regarding the exclusion of intelligence from the scheme, and the question about pre-big bang events.


This is currently the most hotly debated topic which divides into two groups: the materialists and the anti-materialists. The former group regard consciousness purely as a function of brain activity and their goal is the ‘easy problem’ of explaining how the brain executes its various data processing tasks. The latter group force the ‘hard problem’ that understanding cerebral mechanisms does not necessarily imply an understanding of consciousness per se.

Anthropology, Geology and Evolutionary Theory

Darwinian evolutionary theory is starting to show serious flaws that could swing the scientific picture on evolution into the orbit of Theosophy. A seminal contribution to this breakdown of rigid Darwinism is the work of Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson in their book The Hidden History of the Human Race which is a condensed edition of Forbidden Archaeology of 952 pages.

This work exposes a major scientific cover-up in that evolutionary prejudices, deeply held by powerful groups of scientists have served to screen out, suppress and ignore facts that contradict the dominant establishment viewpoint of human origins and antiquity.

Cremo and Thompson have provided detailed and thorough evidence to demonstrate that people like ourselves existed on earth millions of years before the geological period claimed by Darwinism - and this enormous antiquity of the human race is certainly a key tenet of the occult doctrine on evolution and anthropogenesis.

Edi Bilimoria is the Director of the Theoversity Project. He has authored books dealing with Meta physics and Science Mysticism Spirituality titled Mirages in Western Science Resolved by Occult Science and The Snake and the Rope.


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