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Game Reserves In Kenya - Lake Nakuru National Park


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Lake Nakuru's unique geography and geological history it holds fascination for geologists, naturalists, botanists, ornithologists and preservationists. Of course, wherever there is interest to science there is also appeal to the perhaps less scientific species among us, the tourist, who is none the less eager for new and interesting information .

50 Million years ago subterranean forces ripped apart the earth's crust creating a y-shaped crack across the surface of the earth. The crack, known as the Great Rift Valley, stretches from Syria and Lebanon at one end to Mozambique at the other end. The Red Sea, the Gulf of Jordan and the Gulf of Aden were all formed around and because of the rift. Lake Victoria, along with all the great lakes in Africa, and in fact Lake Nakuru itself, all formed as a result of the rift. In East Africa, and in particular in Kenya, the two branches of the rift are known as the Eastern Rift Valley and the Western Rift Valley, now both contain Kenya Game Reserves. As the earth cracked and tore, volcanic eruptions forced up huge amounts of molten rock. Today the area is still marked by extinct and active volcanoes, as well as geysers and hot springs.

The area of the Rift Valley is rich in fossils and remains of our hominid ancestors. It is a favorite site for archaeologists and geologists, having reminders and clues of the earth's history and of our history as a human species. Ape ancestors over ten million years old have been uncovered in the Rift Valley. The 8 lakes of Kenya's Eastern Rift Valley have high concentrations of minerals and salt.

Lake Nakuru is located in Kenya's Eastern Rift Valley. It is a shallow, alkaline lake that is home to some special organisms not found either in the sea or in fresh water lakes. The special algae that thrive here are favored by the pink flamingos, the parks biggest tourist attraction. The charm and beauty of the flamingos covering the lake like a fluttering pink scarf floating over the water is said to be one of the most beautiful sights in Africa and Lake Nakuru one of the more wondrous Game Reserves in Kenya

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