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Dreams And Their Meanings


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I have literally interpreted thousands of dreams on the internet. Some interpretations were good and some bad. When starting out I did not know much about dreams. I had some basic ideas yet no real ideas about dream theory. Now I feel that I understand most of my own dreams. They are hidden in difficult symbolism yet they are understandable.

During the course of my own dream interpreting I have learned that

1. Dreams deal with higher thinking(ideas) and conceptual emotions.

Personally I have a much more computer based idea of the dream mind. There are two entirely different brains within us. The left mind or conscious mind that deals with logic. Then there is the dream mind or unconscious. The dream mind is to be seen as the powerhouse to higher thinking. It is also the home of emotions. These are by their very nature also higher thinking. Emotions are very complex and highly evolved thinking. It is easier to teach a computer to play chess at grandmaster level than it is to teach a computer to understand and mimic emotions.

2. Many dreams are linked specifically to new changes in your world view that happened during the course of the previous day. Research into the mind has also revealed that some brain waves only appear during sleep. Basically we store up memories in short term memory. Then we transfer them into long term memory blocks. During this process we integrate new ideas and feelings into long term memory.

3. Dreams capture crucial changes in our thinking. Moments when we have gained some new insight into our feelings. Contained within the symbols are vital and key moments. Take the following example.

THE DREAM It was a short dream. I dreamt I saw Major Sharpe. That was it.

THE INTERPRETATION Major Sharpe is a fictional character who was portrayed on TV. Contained in this one symbol is some key symbolism that totally captured my own thinking on some incident that happened the day before. How? Well I often try to interpret dreams in reverse. In this case I guessed that I would dream about a particular incident that happened the day before. I damaged a camera. It was my own stupid fault. I had taken too great a risk whilst taking photos of surfers on my local beach.

The dream had just one symbol - Major Sharpe. Yet this dream single symbol captured that vital piece of thinking about this event. I felt that I had taken too great a risk. Major Sharpe was linked very precisely to this very idea. He was a fictional military hero from the Napoleonic era. He always led the charges and was a hero to his men. He took insane risks and yet always won the battle almost single handedly. In reality his actions were reckless.

I always try to reduce a dreams meaning into one quote. This captures the core meaning of the dream and it shows which precise idea or conceptual emotions that has been caught by the dream. In this case I would reduce this dreams meaning to the following quote.

"I took insane risks with my camera yesterday. I start move too deep into the water. I was acting as if I was some fictional military hero who always succeeds. Yet that action was reckless and stupid. "

So this single quote captures the relevance of the symbols to real life events or feelings. It singles out that crucial piece of reasoning that goes to the very core of our conceptual thought.

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Dreams and their meanings


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