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How to Read a Person Like a Book In 4 Easy Steps


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During my teenager's days, I happened to find a book on body language. I bought that book because I wanted to read something on my journey back that day. After which, I read that book with some interest.

Later during that day, I had a conversation with an elderly Australian clergyman in the train. He was surprised when I told him that I know what was on his mind and how he was feeling that time. He tested me and for the next couple of minutes, I not only was able to tell him his moods and feelings. I even tell him what he was thinking about.

He thought I was a psychic at one moment and I just laughed it off. I just explained to him in a few quick successions that the human body has a way of revealing the emotions, feelings and thoughts of another by how it moves.

There is a certain pattern which if you know can allow you to read a person like a book. Eventually, we spent some time discussing the topic and he discovered these secrets can be very useful when he is counseling and advising people.

Today the field of body language still holds great interest to me. It is especially useful in any conversation to understand the other party. All kind of human interaction i. e. sales, negotiations and relationship building can be applied. It can also create the psychological profile on someone without my asking.

So to prove my point on how to read a person like a book successfully, I will bring about the topic of confidence.

How do you know if someone is confident?

Plus, if you learn the body language of confidence, you can also use it to project an air of confidence for yourself.

I will show you some characteristics of a confident person relating to four parts of their body namely, verbal communication, eye contact, hand gestures and face expressions.

Step 1: Check Your Verbal Communication

You should always check the verbal communication of you and the other party. A confident person always speaks without any hesitation and is very spontaneous with a great deal of enthusiasm. They are also most probably to be charming and entertaining.

Step 2: Maintain Eye contact

Make sure you look at the other person to maintain eye contact to determine his or her confidence level. A confident person has more and longer eye contact with anyone who is holding a conversation with them.

Step 3: Active Hand Gestures

Hand gestures are also an important part of getting to know the person on a deeper subconscious level. A confident person tends to gesture outwards and away from their body. This kind of signifies that the confident person has a belief and ability that he or she can positively affect the surrounding people and events.

Step 4: Right Facial Expressions

You should look out for the overall expression of the whole face. A confident person usually has an expression that is align with the context of the conversation. If it is a light-hearted conversation, then the face is as playful as the face of a child. But if it a serious conversation, then it will be firm and resolute.

With these four steps, you can be reasonably sure you will be able to accurately gauge the confidence level of the other person. However, you would like to discover more than reading the confidence level, you might want to read more about this.

If you would like to discover more about how to effectively read people easily through their feelings and body language and how you can use this knowledge to succeed in your career, relationships, and personal life, you can find this information at

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