Fact - Hypnosis Has Serious Therapeutic Uses

Rich MacKenzie

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Hypnosis is a topic that is so interesting to so many people, but did you know that it has serious therapeutic uses? You can use Hypnotherapy with loads of issues and it can help with tons of different psychological disorders. Mainly people come to see me in my clinic for giving up smoking, dealing with anger and with jealousy. In actual fact I specialise in the area of relationships and issues that might affect them, however people also come for Hypnotherapy for a whole range of other things, such as getting over a relationship or a break up, premature *** tion, impotence, slimming, stress and confidence. And in actual fact the possibilities are just about endless as to what can be achieved.

So now I want to explain in a little more detail exactly what Hypnosis is. Hypnosis is basically and altered state of consciousness. I liken it to a day dream. Each and every day we go in and out of daydreams all the time. Its funny but we never really know just how ‘far away’ or deeply relaxed we are until someone calls our name or ‘wakes us up’ with a prod! At these times we actually go into a trance and internalise our thoughts, which allows use to create new beliefs and thought processes. For some people when they daydream they automatically visualise negatively and some people automatically visualise positively.

We now understand that whether you daydream negatively or positively, then it can have a major effect on your whole behaviour and belief system.

Hypnosis basically uses this same process, obviously taking you a lot more deeper than your everyday daydream, into a place where your body can just feel so comfortable and relaxed and your mind so focussed on the task in hand. As I have said people come and seek my services for a whole host of different issues and its in this mental state of relaxation and focus that a Hypnotherapist is truly able to help them by giving them suggestions and also allowing their mind to have an opportunity to do something different.

On one hand Hypnotherapy is just as simple as suggesting to that person that they are going to be able to change their beliefs and their behaviours, but also it works with the person to change their overall out look on life and to allow them to think differently about life, to be able to have a tool that enables them to manage their thoughts and their beliefs better. One thing that I like to do in my clinic is to teach all of my clients Self Hypnosis, so to allow them to go away without a CD or a book and actually be able to practice Self Hypnosis wherever they are.

Richard MacKenzie is a leading professional in the field of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy . He also has a great range of Hypnosis Downloads at his site.


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