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Death Bed Visions - Psychic Sight Or Purely Our Imagination? (Warning! Only For Open Minded People)


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In this article I'd like to dive into the topic of death bed visions and their relationship to psychic phenomena and the paranormal. Simply stated, there is a veritable AVALANCHE of information out there that is NOT presently accounted for in traditional scientific understanding or paradigm, and death bed visions CLEARLY fall into this wild and wondrous domain. Read on as we take a closer look.

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Death bed visions are normally experiences that the dying have where they literally SEE (and often describe) incredible, normally transformative and empowering sights during the death process. Often a dying person will “see" and speak to his or her spouse, parents, siblings and other loved ones in the moments preceding death. Amazingly, often these rich and robust conversations have a veridical quality to them, as information gleaned during these “invisible" experiences can LATER be verified by those who witnessed it. What would qualify as verifiable information that is worth noting? Often, especially in these experiences as reported in the 19th century and early 20th century BEFORE the widespread availability of INSTANT information - a dying person would report talking to, and seeing a relative “over there" that he or she did NOT yet know had passed. Remember, telephones, faxes and email was NOT the method of quick communication 100 years plus ago.

Serious Study for Serious Minds

This is NOT quackery or simple sensationalism that can easily be explained away, folks. Many detailed books have been written on the topic, by SERIOUS scientists, researchers and students alike. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, probably the MOST well known advocate for hospice and compassionate care for the dying was a HUGE believer in death bed visions, believed they PROVEN a rich and robust afterlife, and her seminal work - “on death and dying" is one of many testaments to her firm belief that death is NOT an end. . . . but just another door in the mystery of this wild ride we call life!

(and there is NOTHING that will give you the freedom of thought, mind and spirit than learning there is FAR more to your life than meets the eye!)

Simply START by opening your mind, spirit & enhanced AWARENESS and ride the supernatural surfboard into the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the unknown. It WILL rock Your WORLD. . . I promise.

Who Else Wants to Experience Radical Inner Peace & Magnificent Well Being?

Read on. . . to discover how to develop psychic POWERS learn blissful meditation and SO much more. . . . . . . quickly, easily and magically even if you are a complete novice and have no idea what you are doing!


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Warning! Working With People May Be Killing You!
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