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Developing Your Supernatural Abilities - Answers To 3 Questions On Psychic Self-Defense


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1. Do people have supernatural powers?

The word “supernatural, " according to Webster's Dictionary, means “beyond the visible observable universe" or “what appears to transcend the laws of nature. " However, the word has taken on different connotations today. We tend to think of “supernatural" to mean the same thing as “paranormal, " meaning not scientifically explainable. Not exactly the same, but very close.

For many philosophers and scientists, supernatural abilities are mystical powers. They call to mind ghosts and spirits and things that go bump in the night. They laugh at psychics and mediums. They discount anything supernatural as phony and deceitful.

But supernatural abilities aren't so uncommon. Intuition is a supernatural ability. Telepathy, a trait common to many twins, is a supernatural ability. In many ways, creativity is a supernatural ability. These things are not, in fact, super-natural. They are completely natural, inherent human qualities. They lend a sense of wonder and mystery to life and make the world a magical place.

In history, there are many records of times and events when the supernatural was something to fear and destroy. Burning witches, trials during the Inquisition, even some modern persecution reveals a deep-seeded fear of anything we can't explain or understand.

Thankfully, modern societies are a little more accepting of the concept and a little more open to exploring its qualities. Some scientists are conducting experiments to document supernatural abilities. And the explosion of television programs about hunting ghosts and exploring the paranormal support the notion that the supernatural is with us today.

In fact, we all have “supernatural" qualities, that is qualities that seem to transcend the laws of our physical universe. Each of us has at their core a spiritual energy center that radiates about us in what is called an aura. This energy field or cocoon reflects our general condition - the combination of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

To have a strong healthy aura, we must be strong, healthy people. Healthy people with good mental attitudes, balanced emotional lives, and spiritual strength have strong bright auras. People who are ill, mentally or emotionally distressed, or spiritually poor have weak dark auras. It is possible for negative people, dominated by negative energies and influences, can actually drain the energy from positive people and even injure them.

To strengthen our spiritual energies and our aura, we must rid ourselves of our negative aspects. We must engage in careful introspection to identify harmful thought patterns and negative emotions that block us from spiritual growth. We must replace those negative energies with positive energies.

One way to do that is to re-connect with nature. Fresh air and warm sunshine fill us with positive energy that overwhelms pessimism, anger, and stress. It gives us the opportunity to build our positive energies and cultivate our super-natural abilities. In turn, we are motivated to follow a healthy positive lifestyle. The journey toward spiritual growth and a strong healthy aura begins. And we can begin to develop our psychic self-defense skills.

2. What is psychic self-defense?

People use many different approaches to protect themselves against danger, injury, and harm. We intuitively know when we're in danger. Frequently, that unnamed fear leads us to anxiety and flight. However, it is very important to remain calm in these situations.

Psychic attacks, or those times when negative energies or influences assail us, are the frequent causes of such unfocused fear. In order to prevent and avoid negative energies, we must have a strong spiritual core and aura. This requires us to reduce and eliminate the negative energies within and to nurture our personal positive energies and strength.

In situations where you feel threatened, you may be responding to a psychic attack. Your fear and anxiety actually feed the negative energies assaulting you. You must remain calm and unafraid. Keep cool and focused. Use relaxation techniques like deep breathing, focusing on pleasant thoughts and memories, and get in touch with your spiritual center. Refuse to focus on the negative, and concentrate on the positive.

Focus on your surroundings to find positive energies to support you. Rely on the power of your healthy aura to protect you. Do not allow yourself to feel fear or anxiety or you will open the door to negative power.

3. How can I build a stronger aura?

The first step in spiritual development and developing a strong healthy aura is introspection, eliminating negative energies from your mind, body, and emotions. You must look inside to see where you are being fearful, angry, selfish, or intolerant and smash those emotions and ideas. They are not real. They are by-products of the negative energy. You must cleanse yourself of these and replace them with positive thoughts and emotions. You must change your perspective.

There are many practices and techniques that are effective in strengthening the aura. First, and most effective, is meditation. Meditation clears the mind, relaxes the body, and allows you to connect with your spiritual core and your innate super-natural abilities.

Do some personal research in areas that may have seemed “out-there" before. Investigate eastern philosophies, astrology, and paranormal science. Learn what you can about the full range of human qualities so that you can tap into these qualities inside you. Join a yoga class. Investigate holistic healing and herbal remedies to rid your body of chemical medications and clean out modern toxins. Try acupuncture to help you learn to relax and to relieve pain without medications.

Fine-tuning the supernatural is largely a matter of getting in touch with the natural. It's reducing and eliminating our dependence on modern chemistry and increasing our reliance on the healing powers of nature. It's focusing on non-technological activities and interests and returning to more traditional arts, music, and creative pursuits. It's learning more about the full range of human abilities and talents and attending less to what academicians and scientists limit us to.

As you broaden your internal horizons and nurture your positive spirit-based energies, you'll have a stronger, healthier aura that will protect you from negative energies and psychic attacks.

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