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Is Psychic Energy Real?


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We normally attribute the term psychics to people who can transmit energy or information without using any physical process. Further, this particular energy that enables them to do so is called psychic energy. However the question that often comes across is whether psychic energy is real or not. Innumerable people think it to be nonexistent as they themselves have never experienced anything of such sort. They probably have not even heard of it or have had a bad experience with some imposter who pretended to be psychic in order to extract money from innocent people.

A number of researchers have linked psychic energies with hypnosis, dreaming, meditation, and drug use. These energies can be natural god gifts or can be self-induced. Innumerable people have been found who never even knew that they possessed such powers. Over the past 40 years, efforts have been made to verify these unique but untrustworthy observations for a common man.

In 1930, Duke University developed some innovative techniques and methods for psi testing. These procedures involved some repetitive attempts by the subject to determine the psychic abilities he or she possesses. Though these tests were able to determine the percentage of psychic energies, they failed to identify the types of psi that exhibit themselves in daily life.

A major initiative to understand psychics was made by Maimonides who designed a dream laboratory where a subject was made to sleep in order to understand the concept of psychic energy revealing itself in dreams. As soon as the subject entered the stage of random eye movement (REM) sleep, another participant called the sender was signaled to start. The sender was to concentrate on any picture and then send the same to the sleeping subject through brain signals. Then, the subject was awakened and then asked to describe his dreams. The process was repeated innumerable times during the night.

Thereafter, many judges were asked to compare the description of the dreams of the subject with the picture sent by the sender. The pictures varied in theme and were selected at random. They compared even the minutest details to find the co-relation between the two. The identity of the real picture was not disclosed to these judges and majority of them were able to pick the correct picture only on the basis of the description of the dreams by the subject.

Many other tests have been conducted now and then in an effort to understand this mysterious energy in depth. The above mentioned test was repeated once more by the researchers, and this time all the five senses of the subject were blocked. The sender was even isolated while sending the picture's data and pictures were chosen again at random. The results were again remarkable and depended entirely on the verbal description of the subject.

Today there is a general understanding amongst researchers this wonder called psychic energy does exist. However one must note that the judgment is still out on whether it can be officially recognized by science as genuine.

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