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Mastering Psychic Abilities 3 Shortcuts to Increasing Your Psychic Talents


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Let's take a look at some ways you can master psychic abilities that lie dormant and latent in your subconscious mind.  The simple truth, in MY view, is that we ALL have the very same psychic skills that are simply a series of steps removed from our every day awareness.  Why? Any number of filters will effectively keep you from recognizing their full potential. . . but I believe the primary reason is that most of us either don't believe they really exist. . . or if we do, we don't trust that we've got them!

Easy Ways to Awaken Your OWN Psychic Skills  

My simple psychic blueprint revolves around three simple tenants - Belief, Empathy and Meditation.  Each one of these qualities plays an intrinsic role in the speeding up your own awareness, and accentuating your skills in rapid fire turn around time.  Let's look quickly at each one.   

I Believe in Psychic Abilities, and Desire to Empower Myself Accordingly  

I know, I know. . :-) Sounds like new age mumbo jumbo, right? Actually - it's NOT! What you believe is an important part of your unconscious awareness, and while I simply don't have the space to elaborate in this particular article, EVEN hard core skeptics and materialists who DON'T believe in any form of PSI phenomena have acknowledged this.  In laboratory tests, those who BELIEVED they were psychic scored FAR better under examination than those who did not!  

Empathy in Action:   

Mastering psychic skills is a noble goal, but a self serving one! Developing psychic skills to SERVE is a FAR better goal! Empathy is an amazing conduit to tapping into universal truths and expanded consciousness and will get you far further than you realize is possible. . . and will change you from the inside out to boot!  

Meditation is Magical!  

This is where it all starts. . . and simply gets better with practice.  Meditation is truly the gateway to the divine, and psychic phenomena have ALWAYS been associated with advanced meditators and it's practice.  Even dating back to the original meditative thought - the Buddha's first disciples spoke of supernatural powers and magical abilities that came with their meditative practice. . . and the very same is STILL true today!

(and there is NOTHING that will give you the freedom of thought, mind and spirit than learning there is FAR more to your life than meets the eye!)

Simply START by opening your mind, spirit & enhanced AWARENESS and ride the supernatural surfboard into the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the unknown. . :-) It WILL rock Your WORLD. . . I promise. . ;-)

Who Else Wants to Experience Radical Inner Peace & Magnificent Well Being?

Read on. . . to discover how to recognize your psychic POWERS , learn blissful meditation and SO much more. . . quickly, easily and magically even if you are a complete novice and have no idea what you are doing!


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Types of Psychic Abilities - Precognition
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