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Different Types of Psychic Abilities

Katherine Heiden

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The different types of psychic abilities are rich and varied as the people that have them. Many categories overlap and it's common for a single person to possess many different types of psychic abilities.

Telepathy and Empathy are two very similar psychic abilities in the regard that they both involve another persons mind. In telepathy a person can hear or see pictures of another's thoughts, ideas or dreams. They also can send their thoughts, dreams or ideas into another beings mind, this is not limited to just humans but also animals.

While empathy deals more with feeling another's emotions and just like telepathy, those emotions can be planted in another individual's mind. Everyone has different types of psychic abilities, but the trick is to find those that you excel at.

Telekinesis, and pyrokenesis, both involve moving things with an individual's mind. Although, telekinesis is a more general term, pyrokenesis deals specifically with the skill of moving fire.

Psychometry is also among the different types of psychic abilities. This is skill involves using an object to pick up premonitions and impressions. It can be about the history of the artifact itself or about the past, present or future of the owner of the item. It is best if the object is personal and like a piece of jewelry or clothing; these things are usually worn close to the body and absorb their energy.

Also among the many different types of psychic abilities there are: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience all of which are used by psychics who have developed them often. Clairvoyance involves seeing figures or scenes from the past; either in the minds eye or in physical form. Clairaudience is hearing voices from the past and lastly clairsentience is sensing atmospheres, such as smelling or feeling spirits from the past.

To explore different types of abilities, book stores have many books on how to develop them and also the internet is a great resource to educate. Many websites have lists of all the psychic abilities on them and although a lot of them can be classified as psychic, there are a few that can not.

Katherine Heiden is a professional tarot card reader and clairvoyant. As a guest contributor on Psychic training course , she has had a lot of exposure to new students interested in developing their power. Her new guide Learn Tarot Cards is a great resource for beginners and experts alike, and includes many bonus guides showing you how to take your hobby of doing tarot card readings and turn it into a career.


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