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Using Tarot Cards Three Key Factors


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If you're interested in using Tarot cards, you may wonder what it will really take before you can deliver a meaningful reading. Let's look at three key factors to using the cards properly. If you have all of these bases covered, you will be well on your way to performing great Tarot card readings.

Understanding The Cards

An obvious key to successful Tarot card use is understanding the cards themselves. Every card has its own series of meanings. Please notice that I said “series of meanings". No single card has a single, unalterable meaning. The message of individual cards will vary based on their context and how they are arranged in a spread. Thus, it's important to gain some knowledge of arcana and the possible meanings of the cards themselves.

Don't rely exclusively on what you might find doing online research when performing this function. Although there is great information available (I'd like to think this article falls into that category), there is also a lot of half-truth, exaggeration and outright inaccuracy. Learn the meaning of Tarot cards by utilizing a reputable source.

Understanding The Spread

The way Tarot cards are laid out is referred to as “a spread". There are many different spreads. Some are quite simple and easy to use. Others require more knowledge and expertise to correctly decipher their meanings. If you want to give good Tarot card readings, you will need to understand the spread you are using and how it influences your interpretation of the Tarot cards themselves.

Some spreads are better for certain functions than others. It makes sense to learn at least a few of the basic spreads in order to use the cards in a meaningful way. In time, and with experience, you may decide to add additional spreads to your repertoire.

Understanding Your Role

You aren't just there to serve as an interpreter for randomly shuffled cards. You are an important part of the divination process and your readings are as much about you as they are about the Tarot cards. Using the cards correctly is only part of the whole. Much of your skill will be based on your ability to maintain an open friend of mind and to be receptive to the forces that can produce masterful readings.

This is true for those who are simply interested in doing a fun party trick and those who are serious about Tarot cards. The right mindset can make all of the difference in the world.

Using Tarot cards can be a great deal of fun. It can also be very fulfilling in a variety of different ways. In order to use the cards effectively, you must be aware of your role as a Tarot reader, the spread you are using and the meaning of the cards.

Did you know that you can learn everything you need to master the art of reading Tarot cards without spending countless hours or a small fortune? You can learn the cards from a quality source of information quickly and easily.

I'm Kaline Josteney, the self-proclaimed “Tarot Princess" and I know one thing with absolute certainty: The cards are good!

Why don't you make them a part of your life? Whether for self-fulfillment, divination or just as a matter of fun, learning Tarot cards can be wonderful.

You're reading this for a reason. Clearly, you want to know more about Tarot. Indulge your curiosity and seek out great information about Tarot Cards now.


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